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Dry to prevent burns, "hot" by you and me – Sohu health burn is a common accident in life. Especially in the dry autumn and winter, the high incidence of fire accidents to be vigilant. The correct treatment of burn is very important, the correct early treatment can reduce the degree of burn, reduce the incidence of complications and mortality. The 1 grades of burn and scald were divided into the first degree, the second degree, the second degree, the third degree and the third degree by using the method of three degree and four degree. According to the degree of severity, it was divided into superficial burns (including I, II), deep burn (deep second degree, third degree). Asked 2 burns, can not immediately seek medical treatment, how to carry out self-help? The principle of first aid for burn is to make the patient to quickly release the cause of injury, from the scene, in a timely manner before or after the first aid preparation. 1 cooling! Immediately with a large number of cold water or cold gauze to cover the wound, effectively reduce the local temperature of the skin, to prevent further damage to the skin deep heat. Generally about 15-30 minutes wash, water can not be too large to avoid breaking the skin tissue. 2 do not take off the skin with the skin of the clothes, if necessary, use scissors to cut the wound near the clothes. 3 when a large area burns, be sure to pay attention to insulation. When a large area of the human skin burns, often can not maintain normal body temperature, low body temperature. When necessary, can be wrapped in a dry blanket to maintain normal body temperature. Prior to the arrival of the ambulance, pay close attention to whether the shock of the injured performance, conditional access to basic life support. Ask 3 burn and scald what are the errors? 1 direct contact with ice burns parts, due to the low temperature of ice, may cause skin damage two times. 2 to win the trust of remedies, random injuries smear toothpaste, salt, soy sauce, peanut oil, tea oil, these commodities without any treatment of burn, and the doctor can only increase the difficulty of treatment. If the smear purple, red medicine, because of its heavy color, not easy to wash and affect the doctor to determine the injury. 3 pick broken blisters: blisters can be broken depends on the size of the bubble. Take the size of soybean as the dividing line. If it is smaller than soybeans, do not pick broken, blisters can be absorbed. If larger than soybeans, you need to pick broken. Pick blisters need professional aseptic operation, do not pick blisters at home, it is recommended to go to hospital for treatment. 4 many people think that burns only hurt the skin. In fact, local burns can also cause systemic reactions. When the adult burn area reached 20%, pediatric burn area reached more than 10%, can lead to burn shock, heart, liver, brain, lung, kidney, gastrointestinal and other organs are subject to different degrees of damage, this phenomenon is called systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), also a doctor called it burns disease. In other words, it is not only a kind of injury, but a systemic disease, should pay attention to. 5 some people advocate acid burns with alkali neutralization, alkali burns with acid neutralization, this statement;相关的主题文章: