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Drops a month to help passengers find 43338 items left behind – Beijing, November (Xinhua) on 11 may, in October, the number of people in the country lost in a taxi? The answer is not clear. However, the number of people left in the car when the drops, there is a clear figure. In October, a total of 43338 items left in the drops on the back of the owner’s embrace. Among them, more than 50% of the remaining items, the owner abandoned, within 30 minutes on the way home. In the more than 40 thousand items, mobile phone, computer up to more than 8 thousand and 200, accounting for 19%; the key card, also many, accounted for 9%, accounted for 7% of the wallet; 3C digital products (headset, charging line, camera) accounted for 5%. In the most lost things in the city rankings, in October, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou ranked 5. Since the establishment of drops, to help passengers find something is one of the daily work of didi customer service. Looking for a variety of things, small to the keys, headphones, documents, big luggage, computers, cash, etc.. Say it, you may not believe. There is even a guy called to didi customer service said, she was angry not to answer the phone. Yesterday, I took the express, can you help me?" For the convenience of passengers find lost items, recently also launched the "lost back drops" fast track. The channel has been the first to open in the car on the train, drops. In the future, drops will gradually promote the fast lane to other business lines such as taxis. Today, the passengers accidentally forgotten items in the car, in addition to contact drops customer service, but also the use of the fast channel. The use of the fast channel, passengers in the customer service center, click the items lost option can contact the driver through the corresponding itinerary. At the same time, the driver drops in the car when they pick up the goods can also be used in the fast channel, click on the driver side App service center in the passenger goods lost option to contact passengers through the corresponding itinerary. It is worth mentioning that, when using a fast channel, the two sides will continue to take a virtual number to contact each other can not see each other’s real phone number, no need to worry about privacy issues. Such as the driver picked up the goods but can not confirm who is the passenger, you can click to forget the order contact customer service to the drops of customer service. Pick up the passengers left the initiative to contact the initiative to contact the platform drivers have the opportunity to get the corresponding reward. Weekly drops will "drop by listening" public accounts published the week "Shijinbumei driver award list. Drops customer service found that the loss of something and the weather have a certain connection. With the advent of winter, people wear thick, and the number of lost things also rose. Data show that in October the number of items recovered drops than in September increased by nearly 18000. As the mother of the fathers taught, "go out in the outside, stretched hand (body) to remember (key) money!" When the majority of passengers get off, please confirm their identity cards, cell phones, keys and wallet.相关的主题文章: