Driving For Uber Is Growing Every Day

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Due to the growing number of accidents and collisions within the United States, stern actions have been taken to determine how many unfortunate injuries happen as the result of accidents. This exact evidence was available when the bureaucrats representing the Virginia DMV make a bold move against Uber technologies. This fast-growing ride-for-hire business was told that its service was illegal and that the company must close down all operations within the state – effective immediately. However, this company was well prepared to fight back. It launched a counter-attack known as ‘driving for Uber’ that involved lobbyists and users and they turned the whole scenario around.

Uber wasted no time utilizing its great weapon – a rapidly growing list of loyal smartphone users who were Uber customers. The company sent out emails to all its users and informed them of the move that was taken by the official who was in charge. That message was sent to users and included the email address and phone number of that official who bore the responsibility of shutting down Uber’s operation within the state of Virginia.

The message sparked a response from hundreds of loyal supporters. The email inbox of Commissioner Richard Holcomb got flooded with emails. He had to sit in bed and respond to them all, even though he was ill at the time. Aside from lobbying Holcomb, Uber made a fast move to capitalize on their newly acquired team of lobbyists who stormed the state capital.

While the pressure continued to increase from both lobbyists and riders, transportation’s Sec. of State was forced into making a statement saying that the DMV was not going to interfere with Uber drivers until further notice. In addition to that a state government official also revised their decisions and enabled Uber to carry on with its operation with no issues.

Driving for Uber
has seen how much public support it has and the word is spreading, as is Uber and its services. While driving for Uber has been endorsed by its users and the company is growing, Uber still needs to work alongside local authorities and inside local laws to ensure its reputation is not affected.