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DPP 1 minutes off 7 days of   Taiwan scholars joint request a retrial — Taiwan channel — people.com.cn original title: DPP 1 minutes off 7 days of Taiwan academic joint request for a review of Taiwan’s parliament passed the "labor law" amendment, and matching the removed 7 days off, triggered protests. (data from Taiwan’s "United Daily News") China Taiwan network October 14th hearing the DPP’s Legislative Yuan Caucus on 1 minutes before the "Labor Standards Law amendment, cut 7 days statutory holidays, cause social discontent. Recently, the Taiwan 21 university scholars initiated joint, the demands of the Labor Standards Law amendment shall return to the Legislative Yuan social welfare Weihuan review committee. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the scholars pointed out that joint statement, "labor law" amendment to a working hours and vacation rights, the Democratic Progressive Party quickly resolve the dispute, take 5 days to review the staggering means: by the Legislative Yuan social welfare Weihuan Committee called the Committee Chen Yingcai quickly finished "bill" stop talking, direct, and announced that all the draft "to retain all out of commission, for the government and the public consultation process"; in the Kuomintang and the "era of power" protests, the "act" quickly out of the committee". The statement pointed out that the Democratic Progressive Party in the face of social disputes bill of practice, seriously undermine the Democratic review system. As concerned about the development of democracy in Taiwan academic workers, severely condemned the Democratic Progressive Party of the anti democratic practices. Our common opinion is: "labor law" amendment should return to the "social welfare Weihuan review committee. The statement said, "labor law" amendment to a labour working hours, wages and vacation regulation have a very far-reaching impact, labor, life and economic development of the people. The ruling party should explain the "law" relationship with the general policy of the Taiwan area, "law" direction and steps, how to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different groups, change the concrete provisions is consistent with the policy direction, the relevant supporting measures, through public policy that can make people to believe. The so-called "political commitment" is not the mobilization and attack and defense of the Legislative Yuan, but the public explanation and debate on the policy and impact assessment. "The DPP should understand that" Congress "is the policy debate, rather than the slaughterhouse" bullying, the statement said, democratic deliberation is not the end of the program, but the value of. The committee meeting whack, not only did not review the "act", even did not hold public hearings; in this case, the DPP in the end how to convince the public? And how to make the public opinion test through the debate in the Congress? How do different groups of affected people know what degree of change in their rights and interests? The joint statement stressed in this paper, in order to Taiwan the sound democratic system, "labor law" amendment should return to the "social welfare Weihuan review committee. If even the democratic process to overcome social disputes can not be achieved, the majority of Congress lack of courage to debate with the public policy, leaving only the means of bullying, but also talk about what unite Taiwan, lit Taiwan. According to reports, the joint sponsors including university in the Department of communication side)相关的主题文章: