Don’t let the low compensation to express despot practices-diying

Don’t let the low compensation into practice if the client is not insured courier overlord, courier companies usually only willing to compensate express 3 to 5 times the price of compensation has become the express industry "industry practice". The Shushu Rui recently, working in Beijing, Changchun Ms. Chung saved for months wages, bought a brand handbags for mother, what to think is a courier company lost. Although the courier company admitted responsibility, but when it comes to claims matters, courier company staff refused to pay the original price. In order to rights, Ms. Chung repeatedly contact with the courier company, was tortured exhausted. The courier company will express customer goods loss phenomenon Lvjian newspapers, many customers like Ms. Chung so not to be insured goods, both sides often express company should bear many liability disputes. Because the client is not insured, courier companies usually only willing to compensate express 3 to 5 times the price of compensation has become the express industry "industry practice". Courier companies generally take two reasons to support their own ideas. One is that the postal law, not insured mail is lost, damaged or missing pieces, according to the actual damages, but the maximum amount of compensation does not exceed the tariff charged 3 times. The two is that in the contract clearly agreed the items not insured in case of loss, one need only take a certain amount of compensation. In fact, this is not subject to legal scrutiny. First of all, the provisions of the postal law to limit the compensation only for the postal service to provide universal service". The postal law explicitly "postal enterprises" and "outside the postal business express business enterprises" to distinguish between "postal enterprises" bear more social responsibility, such as the layout and construction of postal facilities; must provide services for rural areas. Therefore, the law has special protection for postal enterprises. At the same time, postal law is also strictly differentiated from "universal service" and "express service". Visible, both in the main body, or in the business scope, courier companies do not meet the conditions of compensation limit. In addition, although the contract format provided in the courier company does have a limit of compensation agreement, but in accordance with the contract law, the provision of a form of contract parties need to fully fulfill the obligation to inform. In practice, the courier company salesman in the former customers tend not to customers the necessary hints and explanation. Such terms reduce one’s own responsibility, increase client responsibility, excluding the main rights of customers, in order to become invalid "overlord clause", both sides are no longer subject to the terms and conditions. The contract law also stipulates that the parties to fulfill the obligations of the contract is not in conformity with the contract, causing losses to the other party, the amount of damages should be equivalent to the loss caused by breach of contract. The two sides signed a courier contract, courier companies have the obligation to keep the goods safe, non-destructive transport to the designated location, otherwise, it should be in full accordance with the market price of compensation and should also be refunded courier fees. This is not only the meaning of the law, but also the customer should be responsible for the integrity of the attitude. Unfortunately, in reality, the average consumer does not collect evidence of legal awareness, there is no ability to protect the rights according to law, had to let the low price of compensation for the courier industry overlord terms. As a matter of fact, when we express our goods, we need to make a note in the express order.相关的主题文章: