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"Donkey water" change file October 28th   point reflects the high reputation of the heroine tears – media – People’s original title: "donkey water" point of mouth high reputation Ren Suxi (left) singing song "I want you". JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Yixuan taken late on October 11th, comedy movie "donkey water" the meeting will be held at the Communication University of China, director Zhou Shen Liu Lu, starring Ren Suxi, Liu Shuailiang, Pei Kuishan, Han Yanbo, Wang Kun debut. Actress Ren Suxi who plays for the Zhang Yiman powder. Ren Suxi live singing the song "I want you", talk about acting experience, she red eye socket, "I have all the energy in the past few years to the donkey water"". After the end of the day, the director Zhou Shen, starring Ren Suxi and Liu Lu, Liu Shuailiang, and so on, and so on, and then, the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the world, such as, and the appearance of the appearance of the main players of the world, such as, and the. Liu Lu revealed that the film has a lot of her feelings about life. The heroine was more than a circle of pink powder numerous, many people shouted in greeting when the goddess". Talking about the filming process, as Suxi said after a month of rehearsal, a month shot two month shoot, "almost half of the time, we are going to do this thing." Asked how to get into character, Ren Suxi said a character and characters of similar, "I have no shape, I’m not too good at turning yourself into another person, in my performance concept, all characters should be a part of your body, many of her state is my normal". More than a few degrees in the field of red eyes, these years, all the energy to this". "Water" is the donkey happy twist second big screen work, in the process of viewing, the audience broke a total of more than 100 times. In order to give the film more time to accumulate reputation, happy twist CEO Liu Hongtao at the scene said that the film changed files opened in October 28th. (reporter Gao Yufei) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: