Dongguan 15 students had physical discomfort after dinner transfer station still open meal-chompoo araya

Dongguan: 15 students have been unwell after dinner, the transfer station is still open as usual, in September 22nd, "children’s home" hosting station, the children are using lunch. Trainee reporter Wu Ke photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter trainee reporter Wu Ke Huang Shaohong Wang Hui) the day before, a student transfers station 15 students after physical discomfort, September 22nd, Nancheng street in foreign reported that local attention, has organized a number of departments to investigate, and blocking the food and raw materials, at present most of the students have been recovered and returned to school. On the evening of 20, Dongguan Nancheng sunshine sixth primary school students parents, their children in the school near the children’s home students transfer station after lunch, diarrhea and other physical discomfort of the situation began to appear in the evening. 21, the reporter went to the shuttle station to visit, found that the first grade children are eating. "Because the kitchen and tableware have been seized, we from a nearby kindergarten for lunch, and the use of disposable chopsticks for." Transfer station responsible person Ms. Luo told reporters, in order to ensure children’s food safety, transport stations on all the dishes, tables and chairs, beds for disinfection, in addition, food and drug supervision and management departments have the children the food samples, is currently testing the specific reason. Reporters at the scene also saw a number of parents figure. "Before the children have been here for lunch, I heard some students appear unwell, also nervous, noon came over to send the meal."." A student parents told reporters, their work place is far away from the children’s school, need about an hour’s drive, but because of worry about the food hygiene and safety of the shuttle station, deliberately leave, noon to send rice. According to Nancheng Street Office revealed that after the matter learned, the street attaches great importance to the immediate organization of education, food and drug administration, social affairs, health, epidemic prevention and other departments in September 21st to carry out the investigation. A total of 15 people were unwell after the survey, 7 of them went to the hospital for diarrhea, and the other 8 patients had mild symptoms. "Children’s home" transfer station holds effective food business license. As of September 22nd, most of the students had returned to school, and a few stayed at home, and the overall recovery was good.

东莞:15名学生曾饭后身体不适 接送站仍照常开餐 9月22日,“儿童之家”托管站内孩子正在用午餐。见习记者 吴珂 摄   南方日报讯 (见习记者 吴珂 记者 黄少宏 王慧)日前,一家学生接送站出现15名学生饭后身体不适情况,9月22日,南城街道办就此对外通报称,当地高度重视,已组织多个部门展开调查,并封锁相关食物及原材料,目前大多数学生已基本康复并返校上课。   20日晚,东莞市南城阳光第六小学有学生家长反映,他们的孩子在学校附近的“儿童之家”学生接送站吃过午饭后,在当天晚上陆续出现腹泻等身体不适的情况。21日,记者前往该接送站走访时发现,一年级的孩子正在用餐。   “由于厨房和餐具已经被查封,我们从附近的幼儿园取来午餐,并用一次性的碗筷盛放。”接送站负责人罗女士告诉记者,为了保证孩子的饮食安全,接送站已对所有的碗筷、桌椅、床位进行消毒,此外,食药监督管理部门已经对孩子们当日吃过的食物进行取样,目前正在检测具体的原因。   记者在现场也看到了一些家长的身影。“之前孩子一直都是在这里吃午餐,听说有学生出现身体不适也挺紧张,就中午过来送饭了。”一名学生家长告诉记者,自己的工作地点距离孩子学校比较远,大约需要一个小时的车程,但由于担心接送站的食品卫生和安全,特意请假中午过来送饭。   据南城街道办透露,在得知此事后,该街道高度重视,立即组织教育、食药监、社会事务、卫生、防疫等部门于9月21日开展调查。经调查,先后共有15人出现不适,其中7人到医院就诊,以腹泻为主,其余8人症状轻微。“儿童之家”接送站持有效的食品经营许可证。截至9月22日,就诊的学生大多已返校上课,少数在家休息,整体痊愈情况良好。相关的主题文章: