Do you know all the factors that you have to consider when buying a house ricky lee neely

Do you know all the factors that you have to consider when buying a house? Buy a house can be listed as a more important event in life, for the majority of people, can have a house of their own, their own private space alone is undoubtedly exciting. But now the quality crisis everywhere, "fragile building" and "building a thin" and other events occur frequently, not only bring security risks to the residents, living comfort is no guarantee, so how to choose a high quality low price high price of housing? Today Xiaobian teach you a few tricks for most practical tips for housing. 1, as far as possible the selection of enterprises to develop the project is the most important thing is the quality of the house, the quality of the property can give the owners a good sense of security. Now buy mostly buy drawings, buyers not only personally to detect quality problems of the project, but also bears the risk will encounter the unfinished building, selection of enterprises development can greatly reduce the probability and buy unfinished building, enterprises have their own corporate culture, the development of the project will be with their own culture the integration, though but has already completed the forward delivery housing project for comparison, buyers can well know the whole project is suitable for their own, more important is the developers in order to maintain their own corporate image, quality excellent, for those who do not have much time to visit buyers, buy a disc is undoubtedly the most famous enterprises worry and effort. 2, traffic convenience people cannot do without basic necessities of life, but in the Internet more developed today, you can online shopping clothes, food, traffic is not only done online, even if you can take the car drops in special time, usually work to work or to rely on public transportation, subway, so buy a house to consider the traffic developed real estate from the bus, the subway near the project is the best choice, the possibility of condition convenient project future appreciation is very high. The more important point in 3, low density and low density community community is the housing element in low density, good ventilation property apartment layout is mostly sunny room, will not be in the building before and after the sun and the wind, and the low density community greening rate, can give the occupants more relaxed and comfortable living enjoyment, is particularly suitable for the living environment of the higher requirements of the buyers. Recommended items: the first page: one product Jiayuan (real estate information owners forum) project is located in Daxing South Road on the north side of the main push Weishanzhuang middle school, 140 flat 3 in the elevator house, a staircase two households, the average price of 30000 yuan, Xianfang buy namely live, enjoy 30 thousand against 150 thousand discount. Page second: Taihe Central Plaza (real estate information) project is located in Daxing District Xinghua street and Xinyuan Street Interchange northeast, the main push 30-100 square hardcover loft, 4.5 meters high, 180% high usage rate, equipped with intelligent Home Furnishing, row card to enjoy 70 thousand against 100 thousand discount. Page third: Yizhuang · Jin Maoyue (real estate information) project is located in Daxing southeast of the South China Sea son Park 1000 meters, only a 190 square hardcover apartment layout in the sale, 2 staircase 2 households, low-density houses, the average price of 54000 yuan. Page fourth: Beijing urban construction · Beijing code (real estate information) project is located in Longjiang Daxing Weishanzhuang Town Road on the north side of 200 meters, the main push 45-80 square hardcover loft.相关的主题文章: