Do not wash Why would the explosion wash down jacket-oboni

Really can not wash? Machine wash down clothing why will "explosion" weather continues to turn cold, down clothes on the streets have been everywhere. While wearing a warm down jacket, but still clean up more trouble, wash their hands clean, do not send to the laundry will be very troublesome, this time I believe many people are thinking about how to use the washing machine to wash down jacket, the washing machine to wash down jacket is a "dangerous". Will machine down clothes explode? It’s never sensational. Due to the lower quality of the down jacket and poor ventilation performance, after washing completely soaked, the stuffed down will be gathered together, so as to produce a large gap in the down jacket. In high-speed drying, constant expansion before the saturated water down after dehydration, down jacket will be produced in the air, and the waterproof coating is not conducive to the discharge of gas, will continue to be up and down jacket in the washing machine filled with dry cloth, nylon and down will produce static electricity, static electricity a large number of short bursts of heat in the washing machine, and space is limited, the gas accumulation to a certain extent, it may cause explosion". At present, the new production of roller washing machine basically has the function of washing and drying down clothes. The new production of the drum washing machine basically can wash down jacket for drying, washing machine and even some big brands also launched a washing machine down jacket with washing function, the washing machine is 600 rpm or low engine speed of 800 rpm, suitable for washing clothes.

真的洗不得?机洗羽绒服为啥会“爆炸”  天气不断转冷,大街上羽绒服已经随处可见。虽然穿着暖和,但羽绒服清理起来还是比较麻烦的,自己手洗洗不干净、送去洗衣店会很麻烦,这个时候相信不少人都会想着怎么用洗衣机来洗羽绒服,其实用洗衣机来清洗羽绒服是一件比较“危险”的事。机洗羽绒服会爆炸?绝不是耸人听闻。  由于羽绒服质量较轻、透气性能差,洗涤完全浸水后,里面填满的羽绒会聚集在一起,从而使羽绒服内产生大面积空隙。在高速甩干时,之前吸饱了水的羽绒脱水后不断膨胀,羽绒服内就会产生空气,而防水涂层又不利于气体排出,就会不断地将羽绒服撑大、将洗衣机内撑满,加上干燥的尼龙布和羽绒会产生静电,静电产生的大量热量短期爆发,而洗衣机内的空间是有限的,气体聚集到一定程度,就可能引起“爆炸”。  目前新生产的滚筒洗衣机基本上都具备洗涤、干燥羽绒服的功能。新生产的滚筒洗衣机基本上都能用来洗涤甩干羽绒服,甚至一些大品牌的波轮洗衣机也推出了具备羽绒服洗涤功能的洗衣机,这些洗衣机设置了每分钟600转或者800转的低转速,适合羽绒服洗涤。相关的主题文章: