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"Distance" will be broadcast Zhang Bo our interpretation of the new September new network in 22, pure love story in 21 days, in the big emotional drama "far distance" held a national conference in Beijing, Zhang Bo and other stars appeared with our scene, the audience went back to the age of the distant. It is reported that the play will be held on September 30th in Anhui satellite TV at 7:30 every night, the dolphin first theater broadcast. The play is about a 1976 youth, love violin youth Su Yang and Zheng Xiangdong love, but because of misunderstanding and accident and missed. Has a crush on Su Yang took the opportunity to close our MENGNAN tuliao Jishu Yu Wenzai. Su Yang, the defiled, Su Yang pregnant. Zheng Xiangdong and his classmates Sun Qianya to prepare for the college entrance examination, sun Qianya Zheng Xiangdong on the emotion of the dark. In order to take care of his sick father, he gave up his university. Full of hardships and frustrations, Su Yang has achieved great success in the fashion industry. A love story spanning thirty years, came from the educated youth sing a song of fate, two people, whether Zheng Xiangdong Su Yang in the beginning of the heart will change? Can two people cross the distance? The show by the famous screenwriter team for many years nine years of grinding sword works, known as the "Lotus Lantern", "magic" mobile phone are from the team. Director Wang Yiming is in the drama big coffee class director, his "war", "mother’s love", "Dad Niang heart" is the emblem of Wan viewing is superb reputation works. The event, along with Yue music, two modern dancers dressed in sailor suit, Huang Junku interpretation of sentimental love story. Although the interpretation of the love story, but in the distant distance in the shooting process, it does not seem so romantic. According to the audience of the actors said that scenes can make them suffered in the shooting of snow, when the outdoor temperature is very low, in order to in front of the camera does not seem bloated, you are dressed very thin, it is beautiful "freeze". The end of the conference, the scene suddenly become an open old studio, staff support the old camera, put the exposure box, the center of the stage mean a childhood memory of the long Tiaodeng, starring two people sitting on a bench, three people standing behind him, with the 54321 countdown, actor Zhang Bo hand photos the old camera starts, props, a huge picture on the big screen, "distance" to start broadcasting apparatus.相关的主题文章: