Devil hand rope out of four fish with his father since childhood Tour (video)

"Devil" hand rope out of hundreds of pieces of props four fish with his father since childhood tour Wang Xinmin props room. Morning news reporter Ye Zishen dressed in a suit, holding a white rope, and slowly walked to the audience in the Wang Xinmin. Just when everyone was guessing what he was about to do, he waved his hand and two live fish on the rope. The spectators when he waved again, and changed the two living fish, the audience suddenly burst into thunderous applause. Fish is a traditional Chinese magic. But since ancient times, all the performances of fish magician, can only change the two fishes, but Wang Xinmin alone brought innovation performance, become the four fish. Some people say that this is a great invention in the history of magic Chinese. Wang Xinmin so often was known as the "devil" — this is not only his qualifications in the magic of old, more prominent because of his acting talent. It is reported that the Wang Xinmin family is the three generation of magic family, grandfather and father are well-known figures in the magic world. I grew up with his father on tour, a little larger, will come to his father as an assistant." Wang Xinmin said that his father would often take him to see the magic show, and asked him to understand the mystery. Wang Xinmin had a great interest in magic since he was a child. In the face of a variety of exquisite magic props, he often put it down, nothing will think the key organs. Later, her father died suddenly, teenage Wang Xinmin began to explore self-reliance, the magic of. He kept consulting many old artists who studied magic. With their enthusiastic help, Wang Xinmin’s skill has increased greatly. In addition to performing magic, Wang Xinmin has another interest: making props. He is good at the original props on the basis of the use of new materials, new technology to further improve the production of new more magic props. In 2009, he participated in the Beijing World Magic conference, the performance of the new magic was a world-class master, Wu Shixiong, Liang Yi, etc.. Today, Wang Xinmin is also keen to share their experience, he has repeatedly to explore the spread of magic art throughout the country, many times to participate in the international competitions held in the world of magic and all kinds of magic seminars. He had planned to Xiamen ten magic art into the campus culture festival, Xiamen University, Jimei University, Jimei University and to Chengyi college and school lectures. "I hope to be able to popularize the knowledge of magic and spread the excellent traditional culture." Wang Xinmin said. The character name card Wang Xinmin, born in 1953, founder member of IBM international magicians Association, Chinese Acrobats Association, China magic arts council vice chairman of Fujian Province, Xiamen Acrobats Association of magic trick. Famous works of nearly a hundred, including the "stick flower", "white paper into the bill", "flying table" and "beautiful tiger" and so on. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) video: the brother performing "magic" adorable face after the treasure Its loopholes appeared one after another. shocked >相关的主题文章: