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Duthel Te Humfi rebels soil bomb attack public details (2) – Sohu military channel page second: by Islamic extremists planning information: on September 3rd, Philippines police officers at the scene of the explosion. Philippines police said 2 days, the southern Philippines city of Davao that exploded, killing at least 9 people were killed and 30 injured. Davao City senior police officer Catherine de la Rey??? Said, local time at 10 pm, an explosion in a school near Davao City High God market area. Related reports: Philippines’s president Rodrigo? Walter hometown a street market in late September 2nd of Davao suffered bomb attacks, killing at least 14 people were killed. At the time of the incident, Duthel Te was in the southern city. On the morning of 3, he visited the scene and announced that Philippines entered a special national state. Davao mayor confirmed that 3 armed anti-government Abu Sayyaf is behind the explosion. [night] attacked the evening of 2 local time before 11, the street night market a senior hotel near Davao City explosion. Agence France-Presse reported that the explosion killed at least 14 people, and another 67 people were injured, of which 16 were seriously injured. The scene of the explosion is full of victims, as well as the broken plastic dining table, dining chair. Experienced exploding public Adrian? Abilan Espinoza told the Agence France-Presse reporter, "the force of the explosion threw me out, I was thrown into the air, his cousin died in the explosion. Philippines’s presidential spokesman Martin Anderson? NAR said, improvised explosive devices has led to the attack. Duthel Te, 3, visited the scene early in the morning, and the explosion as a terrorist attack". He then declared the territory of Philippines into the state of incurable". In this condition, the army entered the city center with the police to strengthen security, increase patrol manpower, but unlike the martial law. "This is a very period, and I think I have the right to allow security forces to search. We are now seeking to defuse the crisis, a national crisis involving drug trafficking, extrajudicial executions and the seemingly uncontrollable violence, "Duthel Te told reporters. [fixed] culprit has armed Absar Jef spokesman Abu Lamy? Claimed that they made the attacks. The 3 day, Sarah, the daughter of Davao mayor Duthel Te told reporters: "the presidential palace has confirmed that this is Absar Jef’s revenge." Absar Jef declared allegiance to extremist organizations Islamic state, founded in the early 90s of last century, mainly in southern Philippines activities, involved in the manufacture of a series of attacks and kidnappings. Under the influence of the government forces in Philippines, the organization has weakened forces. However, the armed still did not give up the illegal activities, and in June this year, "threatened to kill a hostage in canada. Last week, Walter announced in Jolo to suppress armed Absar Jef. Duthel Te told reporters: "I remind you that this military action may provoke retaliation." Only 3 days earlier, Walter did not confirm the culprit of this explosion is.相关的主题文章: