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Deep restructuring 1000 days: a comprehensive reform of the people’s livelihood to release the bonus – China Network on November 12, 2013, closing on the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, considered and adopted the decision on deepening the reform of a number of major issues. In December 30th the same year, the central leading group for the establishment of a comprehensive deepening of reform, to the full 1000 days and nights in September 24, 2016, a new round of reform tide is sweeping the land of china. The past three years, China’s reform of the field of constant speed, and the number of efforts to reform measures introduced the great reform presents the new characteristics of hitherto unknown, and show the new trend, the new achievements attracted worldwide attention. (Xinhua news agency, September 23rd) people have called for reform should be. Comprehensive deepening of reform, we must aim at the people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic interests, people must be most concerned about the pain points, difficult to change. The establishment of 1000 days, is responsible for the reform of "the overall design, coordination, overall progress, supervise the implementation of the" central deep restructuring has held 27 meetings and reviewed 162 documents, the introduction of the two child policy, the full liberalization of the pension system in the end of two track system, the classification treatment system began to implement, promote the reform of household registration system and other points system settled measures is is closely related with the daily life of people. Pockets bulging, life better. Many seek the benefits of the people’s livelihood, many people worry about the livelihood of the people must be affordable. For the central deep restructuring, the people has always been the key to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform. For the real problem of wage growth, the introduction of a series of deep restructuring measures. As of September 13th, the country has Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Hainan, Hebei, Beijing and other 9 provinces raised the minimum wage, an average increase of about 11%. Long term mechanism for the normal growth of wages of workers initially established, deepening the reform of income distribution is orderly. Security close up, happiness reality. The Motoko Kunine. No income, low income and suffer all kinds of accidents of citizens to provide protection, has become the important content of social security fallback mechanism, but also the common responsibility of the party and the government. Since the establishment of the central deep restructuring, promote the realization of the national new rural social pension insurance and social endowment insurance system for urban residents full coverage, to establish the basic national medical insurance system, major disease protection mechanism should be established, reduce the urban and rural residents illness burden of medical expenses, the world’s largest pension, medical and social security network more fabric more dense. The environment is better, more sweet. Environment is the people’s livelihood, Castle Peak is beautiful, blue sky is happiness. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: to protect the ecological environment, like the eyes, like the treatment of life as the ecological environment, do not damage the ecological environment as the bottom line of development." The fourteenth meeting of the central leading group for the comprehensive deepening of reform through the consideration of the document, there are about the environmental protection of the 4. With the implementation of the new "environmental protection law", as well as the whole society to enhance the awareness of environmental protection, clean water, fresh air, safe food, beautiful environment makes life more and more sweet. Difficult to meet, breaking open. Deep reorganization not talk shop, with each individual interest)相关的主题文章: