Danzhou marathon in Hainan-660003

After six years of development, Hainan marathon race in Danzhou has become one of the few silver medals in china. 2016 Hainan Danzhou International Marathon is sponsored by the Chinese track and Field Association, the Danzhou Municipal People’s government, the Hainan provincial culture, radio, film and television sports hall co sponsored by the Danzhou International Marathon in the city of Hainan. The Danzhou International Marathon start this event held every year from 2010 to 2010, only the men’s marathon project, in 2011 the creation of male and female marathon project, the race in 2012 to increase the national gender points race, the race in 2013 won the national bronze medal in the national marathon will be held in 2014, still maintained a bronze medal match in 2015, was named the silver China athletics events. Race after six years of development, has become one of the few silver medal events, embodies the people’s Government of Danzhou city to undertake the determination and confidence in the marathon, also shows that the recognition of the host China Athletic Association marathon in Danzhou. Organized by the Danzhou International Marathon, aims to promote the vigorous development of the national fitness campaign, to promote the integration of sports industry and tourism industry in depth, and further build the beautiful city name card, continue to promote and publicize Danzhou, Danzhou improve visibility and reputation and external influence, and to unite the people and create a popular morale, driven by the economy and society in Danzhou the development, boost the international tourism island and Western Hainan this year construction of prefecture level city in time for the December 18, 2016 8:00 shots, entries there are men and women’s Marathon (42.195 km), and mini Marathon (5 km), the total number of about 13000 people. From the organization of the event and the setting of the project, the combination of the marathon of competitive sports and the long-distance running of national fitness embodies the perfect combination of international, competitive, mass and social harmony. 2016, the Danzhou international marathon will continue to class A, silver medal as a foothold, and enhance awareness of service, smooth, safe and successful completion of the task of the 2016 Hainan Danzhou international marathon. Game time: mid December each year. Event: male and female Marathon (42.195 km), while holding a mini marathon of 5 km. Registration: the official website "first come first served" registration.相关的主题文章: