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My friends do not know Feng Shanshan won the Grand Slam: fear of future employment Feng Shanshan Tanzania father’s friend did not know that she won the Grand Slam sina sports news Beijing on September 15th news, in Evian Feng Shanshan compared before the championship, won the Grand Slam Golf and Olympic bronze medal for different foreign journalists. She cited an example that, to tell the truth, sounded a little weird. "After I won the Grand Slam, I played with my dad and my friends, and we played 9 holes together." Feng Shanshan said, "then we go to the shower. I was the first to come out with him. We sat on the sofa waiting. He asked me: you did not go to college? I say: No. I said when I was 18 years old, I turned professional. So I didn’t go to college. Then he became nervous. He said to me, "what are you going to do?" "You know, it’s a golfer. I mean, he’s not a professional. He’s an amateur, but he plays golf. But he didn’t even know what LPGA, don’t even know if I won the Grand Slam tournament. He’s worried about my future. I mean, that’s what people in China think about golf. That happened a few years ago. "This time I went to the Olympics because of golf, I think more people will see us as athletes. I think more people know what we do. So it will be of great help." In fact, before Feng Shanshan became the first Grand Slam in golf Chinese winner, she in the golf circle has become very famous, so the story is really extreme, if Feng Shanshan is not a personal statement, it is hard to believe that all this is true. When it comes to professional golf career, you can be sure that worry is redundant. Feng Shanshan ranked thirtieth in the LPGA lifetime money list, making $6902715 in 179 games (about 46 million 50 thousand yuan), this has not calculated the bonus income on her tour in the women’s Day Women’s tour, European tour and women, as well as her endorsements and appearance fees. (wind)相关的主题文章: