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CSOL new weapons Fengwu nine days: the manipulation of Aeolus force evaluation! The November presumably buddies is most concerned about the day is November 11th, and the "Counter Strike Online (micro-blog)" from specially prepared 90 percent off chips such as shopping carnival, year 4 times the probability of the shark God activities, 9 versions of the update also specifically added a very rare and rare special weapon – for nine days. In fact, few people have seen in real life can be used as a weapon of the fan, and today we follow Onima small partners to see how it’s actual performance. The most beautiful history: Fair bone chicken for pasta single from the appearance point of view, "Jin bone Phoenix for the surface" of the word to describe it but most fit. Fengwu nine days together, is a vivid picture of Central Phoenix was flying in the air, blood red color interspersed with more noble. Open fan, blood red alloy bottom in order to change the moist jade bottom, a trace (micro-blog) elegant flavor lunged. In fact, apart from the fan of practicality, often more is to play a decorative role, if you do an evaluation of Fengwu nine day appearance, most people will give out. Actual combat: Xiewan Yuanguan but in the "Counter Strike Online", although the appearance of striking enough weapons is very important, but its actual performance is more important. For nine days as a melee weapon, the left key attack distance of 2 meters, but the total attack requires two steps, namely one click from the open state to stop the fan fan, point once again will sweep out a wind attack the enemy from left to right, single attack can cause 80 damage to the enemy without a head. The attack steps relative left key more cumbersome, Fengwu nine days right though the attack frequency is not high, but the attack distance is more than 1 meters to the left key. In addition it also has a special attack, which left click a button and then close the fan, the batter will directly use a fan handle respectively once, and then fan out about two wind attack, also known as the three batter. Biochemical disaster: the gale gets up the corpse flying biochemical mode, the left key direct hit on the head by 2400 or even more damage, the three batter is strong to cause abnormal knockbacks, knock back and about four thousand or five thousand high damage. And for nine days in 6 after using three times, or even directly to 6100 seconds off the blood around the corpse! Even if the use of ordinary mode of attack, each attack button can be caused by the forced body effect on zombies, and the combined use of right and left button will cause the super knock effect, such characteristics are doomed to either use it in a group or a single anti war dead, as long as you take enough coquettish want to get it completely is not a problem. In Cataclysm mode, Fengwu nine days left a single attack on the wall can cause approximately 1000 of damage, the face of a large number of zombies use left key attack also can play half moon range of destruction, one-time kill dozen side zombies and without any problems. In the BOSS attack, which left a storm can cause 7000 damage, three combo damage is as high as 9000, if you are BOe相关的主题文章: