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Reference-and-Education The selection of proper school is a great task for the parents as it is the foundation for the future of your child. Therefore, put your ward in one of the top 10 schools in Mumbai . The criteria for a school to lead as a top school in Mumbai are as follows: It should have affiliation to all or any of the Bodies like CBSE, Council of ICSE, ISC, State Board for SSC of the Government of Maharashtra, Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The school should hold a score card, evidencing 100% pass rate on a continual basis. The performance of the students should be on close watch and continuous assessment by means of periodical tests and also examinations at the end of each term. For this, high academic standards measurable through grades are set and the continuous achievers above a specific grade are distinguished with some prize. Basing the results of these actions, level of individual attention to be bestowed on each needy student should be fixed. The medium of instruction may be English; but the school should teach Hindi as a second language and also Marathi or Sanskrit as third language. The school should hold a rank in the Education World-C fore Survey of Schools. Longevity in the field of imparting education is another added advantage. Besides the affiliated bodies curricula, the school should internally evaluate the students in the areas of Arts and Craft, Moral Education, Sports and Physical Education. Project works should be assigned to the students. Visits to social service organizations, camps, excursions and the like should be arranged. The school should have a .petent library, stacked with the required number/ copies of books accessible by the students at any time, reasonably even after school hours. For imparting an insight into the practical works, there should be laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and Biology. It should also have .puter centers. The school should ensure facilities for any or all of the sporting activities like indoor games, outdoor games, athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Karate, Pistol/ Rifle Shooting, Archery, Roller skating. Membership of the students in any of the National Cadet Corps or National Service Scheme or National Junior Red Cross should be .pulsory. Further, the students should be made members of any of the Houses with captains and vice captains, who would be involved in maintaining discipline among the students and conduct ceremonial functions. Top 10 schools in Mumbai fulfil the above criteria. There should be conducive school timings, supported by pick up and drop by the school buses, at .paratively cheaper rates. Canteen facilities should be provided both the students as well the faculties of the school, preferably at concessional rates. If, besides the proper infrastructure and education delivery, the fees are also reasonably cheaper, there is no doubt that it would be a top school in Mumbai . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: