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Corrupt officials have been away Drama: some people want to jump someone being paralyzed – Sohu comments recently, former Shandong Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Ji’nan Municipal Committee Wang Min bribery case, designated by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the conclusion of the investigation by the Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate for examination after the Zhejiang provincial people’s Procuratorate of Ningbo city sued. Earlier, the "ICAC" magazine reported the details of Wang Min’s being taken away at that time: multiple police cars whistled into the compound of Ji’nan Municipal Committee, and more than 20 armed police were dispatched, and Wang Min was taken away after a few hours. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in September 2013, the Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision at the central site, the first disclosure of the discipline inspection and supervision departments work procedures: acceptance, preliminary verification, filing, investigation, trial transfer. The first two steps are conducted when the investigator is unaware of the situation. For the "tube cadres" who committed a crime, take them is generally the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. So the question is how officials were taken away? When taken away they have staged drama what? Chen Xuefeng and colleagues said the investigation group surrounded and take away the afternoon of January 16th this year, the Commission announced that the Henan Provincial Committee, Luoyang municipal Party committee secretary Chen Xuefeng alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Chen Xuefeng became the first tiger in 2016. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that since eighteen, the strongest CCDI tiger fast accurate, many officials are "seckill sacked, and Chen Xuefeng is one of them. Before Chen Xuefeng sacked, all kinds of conference activities were normal participation. Luoyang Municipal Committee (enlarged) meeting held three days before the sacked, Chen Xuefeng also made the 2015 work report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the cpc. On the day before the fall, Chen Xuefeng attended the Luoyang municipal Party committee’s poverty alleviation and development conference, and also publicly met guests who came to Luoyang to visit. According to media reports, Chen Xuefeng was taken away by the investigation team in the afternoon of January 15th. After attending a meeting, Chen Xuefeng was speaking with a leader of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and was taken away by a sudden investigation team. According to the presence of officials recalled, "the whole process is very rapid, just a small part of the people to see, when we are.

贪官被带走时的戏码:有人欲跳楼 有人被吓瘫-搜狐评论  近日,山东省委原常委、济南市委原书记王敏涉嫌受贿一案,经最高人民检察院指定,由湖北省人民检察院侦查终结后移送浙江省宁波市人民检察院审查起诉。  早前,《廉政瞭望》杂志报道了当时王敏被带走的细节:多辆警车鸣笛进入济南市委大院,大约出动了20多名武警,几个小时后,王敏被带走。  “政事儿”(微信ID:gcxxjgzh)注意到,2013年9月,中纪委在中央纪委监察部网站上,首次披露了纪检监察部门的工作程序:受理、初步核实、立案、调查、移送审理。其中前两个步骤是在被调查者不知情的情况下进行的。  对于犯了事的“中管干部”而言,带走他们的一般是中纪委。那么问题官员都是怎样被带走的?被带走的时候他们又都上演了哪些戏码呢?  陈雪枫  与同事说话时被调查组围住并带走  今年1月16日下午,中纪委发布消息称,河南省委常委、洛阳市委书记陈雪枫涉嫌严重违纪,目前正接受组织调查。陈雪枫也成为2016年首虎。  “政事儿”(微信ID:gcxxjgzh)注意到,十八大以来,最强中纪委打虎节奏快准狠,不少官员被“秒杀落马”,而陈雪枫就是其中一个。  陈雪枫落马前,各种会议活动均正常参加。落马前三天召开的洛阳市委全体(扩大)会议,陈雪枫还作了市委常委会2015年工作报告。就在落马前一天,陈雪枫出席了洛阳市委扶贫开发工作会议,还公开会见了前来洛阳考察的客人。  据媒体报道,陈雪枫就是在1月15日下午被调查组带走的。陈雪枫参加完一个会议后,正在电梯口跟市委常委某领导说话,被突然而至的调查组围住后带走。  据在场官员回忆,“整个过程非常迅速,就一小部分人看到了,当时大家都蒙了。相关的主题文章: