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Next year, the stage of compulsory education to provide free textbooks in the new network – the newspaper news (reporter Liu Xu) the new semester approaching, BYD reporter learned yesterday from the Ministry of education, from the beginning of next year in the spring semester, our students will be unified urban and rural compulsory education two from a policy of compulsory education, provide free textbooks. In view of the recent events of college students tuition cheated, the national student financial management center director Tian Zuyin to remind students not cheap, don’t be coerced, "don’t let it tell tell most probably it did not actually happen, account account, password to lose the password." Zhao Jianjun, deputy director of the Ministry of finance of the Ministry of finance, China’s current funding system from the system to ensure that no one student because of family difficulties and drop out. He said that China will continue to improve the policy support system, the State Council executive meeting before the decision, from this fall semester, from public high school students participatory family economic difficulties, including non participatory family economic difficulties of disabled students tuition. He said that from the beginning of the spring semester next year, China will be unified urban and rural compulsory education students two exemptions and one policy, to provide free textbooks to urban students, the city’s economic difficulties to give students living allowance. Recently, students of Shandong Telecom fraud tuition, financial management center deputy director Ma Jianbin responded that college tuition cheated events currently public security departments have been involved in the investigation, financial management center attaches great importance to the students’ information confidential, requires schools funded strictly confidential departments at all levels of student information, and remind students not deceived.相关的主题文章: