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Comment: "Bourne" series of old-fashioned   why popular culture original title: "the Bourne series" why so popular "the Bourne 5" is being screened, the top three of the protagonist Matt? Damon regression is round the majority of fans wish, at present, the audience for this film still give praise, Douban gives 7.7 points to it all. "The Bourne 5" is actually a very simple story, in the film when Jason? Bourne finally found the reason of the death of his father, the audience will find that this is actually a very old story. Jason’s father actually did not participate in the so-called stumbling block action, he just found his son involved in this action, as a father, he wanted to stop this action, and ultimately become a victim. And Tommy Lee?? the CIA Jones played the senior Dewey is very old-fashioned, but he is by the name of national security for their own self serving rat. All this is very poor. But the simplicity of the plot does not reduce the pleasure of the viewing process, which is the greatest charm of this series of films. This is exactly the sentence, "this is how to tell the story of the age." The same story, how to tell people the thrilling, is the most important. Those memorable classic movies often have a people lifted the hearts of "initiation point". Such as "Independence Day 1" idea from an inspiration film producer: if you wake up in the morning, open the window, suddenly found over Losangeles to stop a massive alien spacecraft, how is that? Following this inspiration, there is a plot behind. Another example, "Kung Fu Panda," also comes from the dream of the boss of the workshop of Katzenberg’s inspiration is that a Chinese Panda suddenly had a Kung Fu, then what? With this inspiration, there is the back of the film. "The Bourne 1" is the same, the writer Robert? Ludelumu initial inspiration is that if a spy in a coma after wake up, found that he could not remember what, at this time, he found someone to kill him, he is going to do? It is along this line of thought, there is a novel, thus the birth of a series of classic movies. As a spy movie, the audience love with the "mission impossible" series and 007 series with "Bourne" series of comparison. At present, evaluation of "Bourne" series on the whole of the two series is higher than after the movie. But in my opinion, "Bourne" series is actually the most should be with Stallone in "first blood" series. Because the two have one of the greatest common ground: the lack of the protagonist’s identity. "First blood" in Rambo is a Vietnam veteran, he came back from Vietnam, not out of the shadow of war, at the same time, he found that he was in the United States at home by a part of people’s discrimination, and has been abused. It is a series of unfair treatment, which leads to his later slaughter. In a word, his identity as a normal citizen of the United States is missing, becoming a "virtually homeless". This is the psychological foundation of this series of films. This with "Bourne" series in Jason)相关的主题文章: