Cold air to Ji’nan tomorrow, the lowest temperature approaching 10 degrees C

Cold air to Ji’nan tomorrow at the lowest temperature close to 10 degrees since September, little rain, the proliferation of adverse conditions makes Ji’nan and not a continuation of last month’s "temperament", this month 16 days before the 12 day is the day of pollution. There is less rainfall, the proliferation of the conditions are not so kind, so lead to the accumulation of pollutants, pollution occurs frequently. Next, recently often appear to have less white clouds in the blue sky…… A few days ago is still feeling hot weather? It is understood that Ji’nan last several days of continuous hot autumn in 1998, the year is from September 2nd to September 14th for 13 consecutive days and the temperature is above 30 degrees, more coincidentally, this year and 1998 is the end of strong El Nino years, this is the last 18 years the most naughty Huan real "autumn". However, according to meteorological department news, the next few days, there will be a slight drop in temperature. According to the China Weather Network released the Ji’nan weather calendar, September 14 – 16, the maximum temperature is maintained at more than 30 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature yesterday was 29 degrees C. From last night, the arrival of a cold air in the north, the highest temperature in Ji’nan will be reduced to about 26 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature even close to 10 degrees Celsius, only about 12 degrees celsius! According to the Ji’nan meteorological observatory issued the latest weather forecast: this morning the minimum temperature of Jiyang, Shanghe 16 degrees Celsius, urban and other counties (cities) area of 18 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature of about 26 degrees celsius. Today at night to 19 cloudy, the minimum temperature dropped further. The highest temperature of 19~20 days is only about 25 degrees celsius. 21~22 sunny, the maximum temperature of 28 degrees celsius. Subsequently, the temperature continues to rise, but it will not pick up too much, the Ji’nan meteorological observatory staff said. Always feel…… Wear long johns from more recent days…… (source: Shandong daily)相关的主题文章: