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Travel-and-Leisure Climbing Adam’s Peak is always a rewarding, if tiring experience. The climb is made by many foreign visitors as well as innumerable numbers of locals, as the shrine is venerated by Sri Lankans of many faiths. Buddhists, who make up the majority of those making the ascent, believe that the venerated footprint at the summit is that of Buddha. Hindus consider that the footprint is that of Lord Shiva, while Christians and Muslims believe the site to be the mark of Adam. Many visitors .mence the challenging, but safe climb at around 10:30 at night, in order to reach the summit at the break of dawn, when you can see one of the most breathtaking sunrises on the globe. It is important to wear warm clothing, and bring essentials like snacks and water with you, although there are many teashops along the way. Many colourful traditions, customs and rituals are associated with climbing Adam’s Peak. Even a first-time visitor must never mention that he or she might fail to .plete the journey to the summit. This kind of doubt is considered to be inauspicious and it is thought that the mountain’s presiding deities might punish this kind of pessimism by making one immobile! Quite a few unique expressions are also part and parcel of the climb. First time climbers are called ‘kodu karayo’ and must perform certain customs. A Buddhist norm stipulates that novice climbers of Buddhist faith must take a piece of white cloth, place it on the venerated footprint and then worship the site. A group of travellers ascending the mountain together is called a ‘nade’ and there are certain poetic lines which are uttered when meeting another nade descending the mountain. Climbing up the peak can take up to nine hours and although one is tired out by the arduous climb, the view from the summit makes it all worthwhile. Beautiful panoramic vistas of the magical island of Sri Lanka can be enjoyed from the top of the mountain. The whole experience is so invigorating that many climbers return to repeat the ascent time after time. Those planning travel to Sri Lanka will find an excellent resource in the web portal Truly Sri Lanka. Useful information on Sri Lanka attractions can be obtained from this invaluable website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: