City of fantasy into a new chapter of William Feng Ma Tianyu refused to

"City of fantasy" into a new chapter of William Feng Ma Tianyu refused to battle Sina entertainment news "I swore I would give Picasso freedom, even sacrifice everything to me", was reflected in the hearts of the people the brotherhood is sad words produced by Yao off the media TV drama "city of fantasy" screen reproduction. With the phantom day fire, the pear falls (Victoria Song [micro-blog] decoration), frozen sea Sang Lan (Medina). The original plot staged eleven, played by Ma Tianyu [micro-blog] Sakura empty release will be this week with the beloved brother CaSO ushered in the first phase. In the latest (September 22nd) plot, Shuo Gang (Book AsiaInfo ornaments) say Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu) and Lian Ji (Kim Hee Sun’s life [micro-blog] sell ice Prince family decoration) "facts" are cornered Yingkong Shi Yan Dan (Zhang Meng ornaments) to fire people. "I am no longer before Sakura empty release, what I want everyone to stop me," Sakura empty release not only in the fire race to fire (Hu Bingshi) recommended against fire people, a "offensive" once again triggered two family war addict. This scene so many viewers that "ice people heart broken Sakura empty release on the destruction of all the way", but more people think this is the Sakura empty release in order to save the mother solution. And compared to the original, screen the Sakura empty release of tragedy is more intense, from being bullied, grow up into many life, in order to protect the mother accidentally killed this couch, do not want to hurt the mist clothes but also indirectly led to the tragedy. The appearance of high cold but inner fire, one will always be kind, with the determination of silent pain, but do not want to focus on the coincidence of universally condemned himself. Love is offline line lets CaSO Yingkong Shi brothers line to become the biggest thing in the next story, once said "no matter what you are, you are my brother, will not be as in the past that Sakura empty release, Sakura empty release can achieve lets CaSO free promise, the answer will be as the story further announced for the audience. War addict two family lets CaSO (William Feng [micro-blog] decoration) Sakura empty release stand in the life and death on the opposite side, the two brothers will usher in the first confrontation, more exciting, please continue to focus on every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan tv.相关的主题文章: