Chongqing two girls who love flat-share agreed who moved just love is off the premises

Chongqing two girls who love flat-share agreed who moved just love is off the premises Luo Anna said, because love is very upset out of these two days, the 25 year old Luo Anna whole maojiao hot, she was about to be flat-share female roommate out, but did not find a new home…… Originally, when Luo Anna to flat-share a year ago, female roommate agreed: who love who move. Today, Luo Anna was talking about love, the roommate pulls out the "old old", let her go. Flat-share real set of "single agreement" at 1 at noon yesterday, the reporter arrived at the Shiqiaopu Chongqing new world village, see Luo Anna, her house a doggy bag, Luo Anna impatiently kicked them to allow reporters to sit down. Luo Anna Shiqiaopu cyber computer city staff, home in Sichuan Mianyang. In March 2015, she passed the information for the Internet, to flat-share the identity of the person in this set of 2 rooms 1 hall room. "700 yuan, 1 months, the house is very clean, I felt very good." Luo Anna pointed to the house next door said, his flat-share person named Xu Ping, 26 years old this year, work in Yangjiaping, a trading company administration department. "I only flat-share Yo and single girl." Anna Xu Ping is determined to stay, half laughing, half seriously said, with the single Luo Anna nodded, said: "the 2 single gals live convenient and safe." Just love roommates would let her move out in the past more than a year, Anna and Xu Ping get on well in life, take care of each other with the same relationship like bestie. In mid October of this year, Luo Anna organized by a dating platform organized activities, to understand the work of the distribution of Feng, the two quickly identified a relationship. "I’ve been with her for so long, when I was a good friend." In order to get the blessing of Xu Ping, on the evening of October 29th, Luo Feng Feng with Mr. Anna invited Xu Ping to eat in the western restaurant. Xu Ping saw Mr. Feng, learned that two people love after a performance is very calm, but a real meal back to flat-share, Xu Ping told Anna: "if you fall in love, then you can move." "He’s not moving. Why should I move out?." Anna was stunned by the sudden news. But Xu Ping said that this is the original agreement between the two people, so that the integrity of the life of the Luo Anna. Room for more than 10 days to find the house Anna said that night, the two people’s Congress quarreled, since then has been in a cold state. Xu Ping was given a deadline: November 20th before the move, looking for her new roommate. Anna said, before she knew Xu Ping, although young, but have been married once divorce after leaving home in Zhongxian to Chongqing to work, but to "no marriage" boasted, "she had ordered I quite understand the rules, but it is not necessary so with regulations. After all, we are all good friends." Anna said, she and Mr. Feng love has just started, she could not move to Mr. Feng to live with their parents at home, "live so familiar place, if I move, I exactly where to go?" In this regard, Ronne’s friend Xiao Yun said: "this provision too.相关的主题文章: