Chinese Judo preparing for Tokyo to youdao-roxane hayward

Chinese Judo to preparing for the Tokyo "have" held this week in the 2016 Chinese Judo Association meeting, deputy director of Administration for fall soft Sports Management Center China Judo association secretary general Xiong Fengshan in the work report of the association, the Rio Olympics Judo project summary competition triggered a strong response. Chinese Judo to "take the initiative as" strive to get good results in the Tokyo Olympic Games, has been unanimously recognized by the delegates. There are 136 countries and regions in the Olympic Games judo competition in, the competition of the athletes, the final gold medal was divided by the 10 countries, 56 medals covering up to 26 countries. Chinese Judo team a total of 8 athletes, -90 made man and woman +78 kg kg two bronze medals, and the results of the female -52 kg class fifth and class seventh female -63 kg, which China male soft implementation of the Olympic medal "zero breakthrough". From the Olympic Games can be seen in the world soft altar show a strong strength of the first group, the development of multi polarization trend. Countries and regions around the world are in the rapid development and progress of judo, comprehensive competitive ability and the overall level of the previous two Olympic Games have been greatly improved, gradually narrowing the gap between each other, the increasingly fierce competition. The male China hired the London Olympic Games cycle soft soft lead the Korean won two gold medals of the famous coach Zheng Xun, in a period of two and a half years to prepare for the training process, soft male coach group with Zheng Xun as the core of the first through the strict training and life management, strengthen the male soft physical and style, gradually improve and change tactics the style, form a high degree of unity, keep step with training to prepare for the mode, to establish a strong male soft desire strong self-confidence, dare to win the determination and inspirational breakthrough. In the end Cheng Xunzhao has defeated the champion of the Olympic Games, world championship runner up, third and other competitors in the World Masters Cup, to achieve a breakthrough success Chinese male soft. In preparing for the Rio Olympic cycle, facing staff will be enormous difficulties China nvrou, do not see any highlights from the establishment in 2014, the world ranking is very backward, to regain the world championship 2015 +78 kg champion and get 5 Rio Olympic tickets is not easy. But after London Rio again rub shoulders with the gold medal, also exposed many problems Chinese female soft, mainly reflected in improving the overall level of the world, our team top is not sharp, staff training; outdated concepts and training methods of project law of winning conservative, not allowed to grasp; the old players injured, the training system is not enough analyzing and positioning of psychology; main rivals; pre decompression and psychological counseling is not in place, the lack of understanding of the Olympic Games is cruel and complex and thus to bring the impact of athletes. By summing up the previous cycle, the important conclusion is that the reform and innovation is the key to the progress and achievements of Chinese judo. China Judo Association proposed to improve the reform of the Tokyo Olympic Games preparations for the training work from seven aspects: the reform of the national team, national youth team construction, promoting and cultivating talents of scientific selection, as soon as possible for the Tokyo Olympic Games to train a group of outstanding talent; give full play to the leading role of national team carefully selected, to set up the old belt new, give priority to the new.相关的主题文章: