China’s accession to the 15 anniversary of China’s great interests

The 15 anniversary of China’s accession to the WTO, China has gained tremendous benefits in November this year, when China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the anniversary of the 15. Review of the WTO 15 years, China played in the field of global economic governance role, in fact, can be further enriched, but there are two main aspects: one is to establish and improve the global change rules; two are rich in rule making institutions. China is a staunch supporter of the existing rules for China, there are several judgments and opinions on the rules. China is a strong participant and supporter of the existing rules, but also the executor. China spent 15 years, is to join the global established rules of trade system. Those who participated in the negotiations are very clear, many people do not agree, why should wear this yoke. Later, after a long period of communication to understand, do not participate in this system will not be able to reach the global government and the business community, including trust, and trust in the international economic and trade most important. It is possible to gain trust in international economic and trade exchanges only if they are committed to abide by the rules, and they can become a member of the global economy and trade as soon as they are trusted. China’s accession to the WTO commitment to comply with this rule, China has become the biggest beneficiary. Abide by the rules, commitment to national treatment, commitment to open markets, China’s foreign trade in the past ten years to 22% speed, and a large number of foreign investment. Facts have proved that China’s accession to the WTO is the best example of China’s willingness to abide by the rules of the world. China has gained great interest in complying with international rules, saying that China will continue to abide by the global rules and become a good player and executor of the global rules. From the 15 anniversary of China’s accession to the WTO today, this one is very important to the world. Especially now China rise, a considerable number of people questioned China to reinvent the wheel, confuse the rule system of the world. China spent 15 years to join this rule, but also get the benefits, why subvert the existing rules and existing order? Chinese don’t want to reinvent the wheel, do not want to subvert the existing order, do not want to subvert the existing rules of the system, this point to let the whole world are assured. It is important for China to become a responsible and constructive member of the world. But the rules are not static, because the new global economic phenomenon will continue to appear. For example, in the international e-commerce, global new technology and global warming and other aspects of the formation of a number of new consensus, which is not in a dozen years ago, and now we have to develop some new rules. China only rules "addition" therefore, in the rules, the general principle is willing to participate in the Chinese addition, basically do not do subtraction, do not want to put these existing rules out, not in accordance with the Chinese interests, Chinese the existing level of development to choose which rules, which rules are not implemented, rules are rules. But China can do addition, otherwise, it is not practical to do some new constructive opinions to the new global governance system. In fact, in the global economic system, there are many areas of no rules, only some conventions, precedents and case, no clear rules of the system, need to develop a new global system of rules, especially the investment field is very obvious. The G20 Hangzhou summit, China actively promote the guiding principles of the rule of law in the field of investment,)相关的主题文章: