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China Youth Daily: farm children jumped Longmen, rural education? – this year, into the Tsinghua University and Peking University, these two benchmark colleges and universities in rural children, both more than 700 people. Almost every 5 students in campus there are 1, are the children of farmers. Many people will ask, occupy 60% of the total number of children in rural areas to receive less than 20% of the enrollment, what is the big news? To infiltrate it into the river of time, the meaning will be revealed: North University, for example, 30 years ago, the proportion of children in rural areas is 30%, and the first two years of this century, has slipped to 10%. In fact, many of the key universities in the proportion of rural students at the turn of the century has been a decline. In recent years, the decline in the proportion of rural children in key universities, largely dependent on the government’s only hand. This year alone, the central, local and three party special plan on the total enrollment of more than 9 rural poor students. Almost every one hundred college entrance examination, one of them to enter the university. To let the children of poor families have a fair rising channel and upward hope, Premier Li Keqiang has explained the significance of rural special enrollment. In the remaining two structure in urban and rural areas, the uneven distribution of educational resources of the moment, the enrollment scale appropriate to the children of a poor family as they tilt, reduction, especially, can temporary solution "education poverty alleviation" as pressing danger. Now, the school season has passed, thousands of poor students into the University, we can say that "further implementation of fair education". It can be seen in the eyes, leading to the rise of fairness, this is just a ring. "Elite" from the "fair" how far? The tracking survey of Tsinghua University, the school of rural poverty through the "self-improvement plan" special admission of students are significantly disadvantaged in foreign language, computer science and so on; China Institute Vice President Ding Zhongli in 2014 to lead a review of "the rural poor students to focus on the University" situation also found in some key departments, rural poverty special admission students at the middle level, and even some people in dontlearn edge. Children in rural areas should be "vulnerable" continue to pay, silently swallow the bitter pill? Absolutely not. Their extra-curricular knowledge and comprehensive quality by material conditions, inevitably and their peers in the city are different. Through a special way to reduce the number of students into the elite school, the level of learning at the entrance, naturally inferior to the normal admission of peers. Poor students to enter the school, it is not the end point "education fairness". If you don’t pay attention, you will create a new "vulnerable group"". We must see the efforts made by the government and universities. These years, there are more and more colleges and universities began to pay attention to this part of the students’ learning, mental pressure. Provide a dual academic and life guidance teacher respectively "Tsinghua University admission for poor students". On the other hand, the national aid policy has largely eliminated the economic pressure of poor students. But also note that rural special enrollment somewhat "remedial" method, can not as the core essence of "education fairness". As shown in the Tsinghua tracking poll: most poor.相关的主题文章: