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China ten Laurence Championships award start Lang Ping and sina sports activities in the field of women’s volleyball team in November 10th 14, by the Beijing TV station and Beijing five army sports culture development limited company, Beijing TV host, Beijing top ten Sports Culture Development Company Limited "2016 China ten Laurence Championships Award" in Beijing new TV station 41 sunshine hall held a grand press conference. Beijing satellite television program center director Ma Hong live speech, expressed a blessing and message of the event, hope that through the "China ten Laurence Championships Award" promotion, promote the spirit of sport, show a rise of great powers and dreams of glory! "The sports achievement award Oscar hall listing the world’s most influential awards, Oscar award is the highest honor the Hollywood film," Grammy Award "has a detached position in world music, as the world’s only comprehensive sports awards," Laurence World Sports Award "name" sports Oscar ". Is one of the world’s most influential sports awards. "Chinese ten Laurence Championships Award" by the internationally renowned "Laurence World Sports Award" and the history of the "top ten athletes Chinese sports selection combination was born, called China sports hall award aims to sports influence and appeal, advocated the" sports life changing "the spirit of Laurence, the spread of public power. In recognition of the green environmental protection, social responsibility, and promote China sports to the world, has become a new shining crown Chinese sports! Public participation in public choice sports person of the year press conference announced the "China ten Laurence Championships Award" awards and selection process, including Best Newcomer Award, best breakthrough award, the most popular Sportsman of the year award, the most popular female athlete award, best team award, Best Coach Award, best award for disabled athletes the best non Olympic athletes award, best female athlete award, best male athlete award and the best combination of award and other awards, the selection will be divided into public primary, check and review committee awards in three stages – each awards 5 candidates (or candidate team), in the primary stage, the public can be opened on the site activity area for each award vote, the largest number of votes before the 3 candidates (or candidate team) will enter the stage of the check. The list will be submitted to the Review Committee for final internal vote, in December 15th in Beijing new TV station BTV theatre held the awards ceremony, the site announced the final list of winners and awarded the "2016 China ten Laurence Championships award". Lang Ping, Ding Ning,, China’s National Women’s volleyball team, Chinese table tennis team, China National Diving team…… In the 2016 Olympic year shook the world sports athletes and team Chinese all included, Fu Yuanhui, Zhang Mengxue, Lin Dan, Dong Li and other popular bursting sports stars will compete for the "most popular female athlete" and "the most popular male athletes" two awards, and gains just promoted the world champion gold belt "as Zou Shiming" most)相关的主题文章: