China protection of the Great Wall for the first time by using Internet plus public to make a public

China protection of the Great Wall for the first time by using Internet plus public to make a public offering – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 1 (reporter Ying Ni) by the China Heritage Fund, launched the network public offering in the Tencent public donation platform "protection of the Great Wall 2016 public offering" 1 in Beijing. This is the protection of the the Great Wall in Chinese public initial public offering, is also the cultural relics protection field for the first time by "Internet plus public" was raised. Two thousand years of natural damage and vandalism, part of China’s existing the Great Wall has become a site, most of the preservation of the situation worrying. Based on this, the China Cultural Heritage Foundation launched the the Great Wall protection 2016 public offering activities". For the protection of cultural relics for the first time to take the field of "Internet plus public" mode to carry out activities Chinese Cultural Relics Protection Foundation Chairman Li Jie little said, hoping to use the Internet to open, efficient interconnection characteristics, so the protection of the Great Wall gained widespread concern. It is also a useful attempt to protect cultural relics with a more professional spirit and to be more open to supervision. Deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage Chinese Liu Shuguang pointed out that the raised project is exploring new cultural field "Internet plus charity", groundbreaking. The the Great Wall public offering raised funds will be used to repair the body Xifengkou nock in Kuancheng County of Hebei province and Qianxi county and Beijing District of Huairou city section of the Great Wall the Great Wall paragraph. For the xifengkou section of the Great Wall body repair funds, mainly through online recruitment, offline way, cost about 23 million yuan, according to the fund-raising project is divided into three phases, the first phase of the fundraising goal for 11 million yuan. Nock section of the Great Wall mainly adopts the Tencent charity foundation, combined with other Internet companies to form, cost about 15 million yuan, the Tencent has received Charity Foundation donated 10 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章: