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China cement industry to open a new era of comprehensive cooperation to accelerate market integration overcapacity background, Chinese cement industry has opened the "integration mode gezonglianheng". In addition to Holcim and Lafarge global merger, integration Chinese building materials and China material in two central enterprises have surfaced in North China, two cement giants BBMG and Jidong group reorganization has been approved by the Anti Monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of commerce. Not only that, in some areas of the market consolidation is also continuing to promote. Reporters found that cement companies in Liaoning, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other places are also actively promoting mergers and acquisitions, improve cement industry concentration. In September 29th, sales of cement industry staff Cheng Fei (a pseudonym) told the Daily reporter, for many years, because of the technical content is not high, the cement industry is relatively small, can be described as "lacking spirit of cooperation", but with the operating pressure, consolidation within the industry has never been broken. For example, in 2014 there are 24 cases of mergers and acquisitions, in 2015 there were 19 cases of mergers and acquisitions. Public data shows, China Cement Association to the government submitted a large cement enterprises capacity exchange policy recommendations, through regional capacity swaps, cross shareholding, Associated Merchandising Corporation and other ways to promote the cement industry to enhance the concentration of production capacity, accelerate the pace of restructuring. China Cement Association released the 2015 China cement enterprise integration report, said the serious excess capacity has been a bottleneck restricting the healthy development of the cement industry, the future will become a powerful combination of cement industry mergers and acquisitions mainstream. Cement industry consolidation drama staged a series of early August this year, Huaxin Cement announced that the largest shareholder of its assets will be seven Lafarge injection, so as to solve the potential problems with the competition, which marks the opening of the internal integration of Huaxin cement. In fact, the internal integration of Huaxin Cement is just the beginning. August 26th, the central enterprises in China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. and China Sinoma Group Co., Ltd. held in Beijing, the reorganization of the general assembly, the merger of the two companies, the official establishment of China Building Materials Group Co., ltd.. Public information display, the new company chairman Song Zhiping said publicly, in accordance with the basic method of optimizing the allocation of resources, integration of similar business resources, taking advantage of the enterprise as the main body, to create a large listed company as the goal, to avoid competition, rules for the principle, the implementation of specialized reorganization. According to the announcement, after the reorganization of China’s building materials group revenues will exceed 300 billion yuan, the total assets of over $550 billion, becoming China’s largest integrated building materials industry group, is the world leader in building materials industry. In the industry, the new group of cement, concrete, gypsum board, glass fiber, wind turbine blades and other products of the production capacity ranks first in the world; in the international cement engineering market and the international market in the field of waste heat power generation global first position will be further consolidated. Two North China cement giant BBMG, Jidong Cement mergers and acquisitions are in an orderly way, the two companies belong to the Beijing SASAC, Hebei Tangshan sasac. September 26th, the two companies issued a notice to adjust the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets and raise matching funds and related party transactions. And in the previous September 19th, the two companies received a letter from the Ministry of Commerce antitrust ban. In fact, China’s cement industry mergers and acquisitions in some areas y相关的主题文章: