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China strive to win super anti Guoan will adjust the flight delay game plan – Sohu in late Ming sports ending war officially started, Hebei Huaxia happiness will be away at the port of Shanghai, although has nothing to do with AFC Champions League and relegation situation, but the club still clearly asked his team to focus, play the last game for to the league this season have a good ending. At present, Hebei Huaxia happiness and Beijing Guoan, Guangzhou R & F with 40 points, respectively, the table 5-7, for China, if the game can have a good performance, there is still hope to overtake Guoan, finishing fifth. "Although the fifth also can not get AFC Champions League League, but as a new member of us such a Super League, still hopes to win a best ranking history. This is our next season to continue the efforts of the foundation and motivation, a club insider told reporters: so as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will adhere to the last moment. It seems to the outside world, fifth may be no difference between the sixth, but for us, to get the fifth, we will not accept the sixth." On the other hand, the club asked the players to concentrate on playing well, but also hope the players themselves can have a full display in front of Pellegrini, after all, Pellegrini team time is not long, the ability for the player does not have a comprehensive grasp and evaluation, "each player should seize the opportunity to fully reflect their true level, let the coach for the player’s ability to have a comprehensive evaluation, but also more conducive to our development of the next winter personnel supplement plan." According to the plan, China happy today starting from Qinhuangdao arrived in Shanghai, the evening to adapt to the training venue, but because of flight delays, the team travel may be adjusted. Several other big foreign aid, and also unable to play gervinho Kakuta due to injury. (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章: