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The children’s play plastic surgery caused parents dissatisfaction — original game title in the popular Australian game: children plastic surgery caused dissatisfaction of parents in new network on 29 August, 29, according to Australian news report, recently popular in Australia, a few games by Australian children parents and experts at. These games are designed for teenagers, children can make virtual surgery in the game, the free games can be downloaded in the app store, the game screen is very cartoon, bright colors, easy to attract children to download. This caused the parents’ dissatisfaction, worried that these games will affect children’s mental health. Sources said that in recent years, plastic surgery in the adult world is becoming more and more popular. But now, plastic surgery has quietly entered the children’s world. These games are designed for children to create, in the game, children can nose, face lifts, liposuction, lip surgery etc.. Australia Foundation Foundation (Australia’s Butterfly) has contacted Apple Corp, in order to children’s physical and mental health, called for the removal of such games. Luo Lanci, Rowlands’s education manager at the butterfly foundation, said the impact of the games on children was "incredible" (Danni)". She said: "the promotion of plastic surgery to children, the harm to children is very large, it is completely wrong behavior. Especially for young people who have poor mental health, it’s terrible to encourage them to perform surgery." These games include "mermaid’s plastic surgery" (Mermaid’s Plastic Surgery), "Princess Surgery" (Plastic Simulator) and "Surgery" (Plastic), etc.. The plastic surgery simulator, even in the Apple App store interface, wrote: "every girl has a delicate face and an amazing figure. If makeup doesn’t give you what you want to be beautiful, come and join this wonderful plastic game." (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: