Chaoyang men pig killed two people fled at the end of 23 captured (video) 4000dy

Chaoyang men pig killed two people fled at the end of 23 captured fled to Mudanjiang local residence Lin Muling, after his wife died, the family moved to a farm in Hulin city. Cui Jintao made 23 years ago, 28 year old Lin Hao of Jianping Chaoyang as a pig for 300 yuan of money, stabbed two people seriously injured one person, then the family fled, living in Heilongjiang now change names. Although in the past years, but Lin Hao is still a daily multi Laoke not always on tenterhooks, anxious and fearful, and people, and maintain a single child, the family down meetingnew people extremely alert…… While her daughter Lin Ping to return home for the new identity of the opportunity, he wanted her daughter lied to his death, his accounts, then he can live in peace. At the beginning of August 2016, Lin Ping returned to Jianping to father Lin Hao’s accounts, caused by the local police alert, Jianping police after more than a month, several trips to Heilongjiang Lin Hao foothold investigation visits, eventually arrested and brought back to the Jianping olympics. Gansu Baiyin killer arrested at the end of 28: Gansu 28 years ago for rape murder case cracked 14 years women raped more than 23 years ago, a pig lead to murder in 1993, 28 year old Lin Hao in Jianping to work in a brick factory, the day of May 6th, Lin Hao after a day’s work, and several workers go out drinking. During the meeting, Lin Hao talked about the village butcher Yang owed him 300 yuan a pig money, the money was for the day to work hard for Lin Hao is not a small income. Lin Hao thought about his working so hard every day to earn 10 yuan of money, but also to feed a family of four, grew more and more gas, the table of the workers have advised him, let him find a chance to talk, don’t be mad. The evening after the banquet, Lin Hao bite still sounded the Yang’s home door, "who is it?" Yang and his brother and father in the house has been resting, "I, Lin Hao." Yang opened the door, an alcohol Lin Hao "when I entered the room, the pig 300 yuan what for me?" Lin Hao straight to the point and talked about the money pig. "The pig is sold, but the other party is also owed money, and so on to give me the money, I’ll send you past." Yang also revealed his own difficulties, but Lin Lin a wine come up with each other up. The noisy, the butcher knife grabbed Lin Hao Yang’s home, frantically stabbed three people Yang’s home, the Yang and his father died on the spot, Yang’s brother was seriously injured. Seeing this, Lin Hao’s wine woke up, hurriedly ran home with a girl called wife and son escape from Jianping. In the mining area to work incognito way Lin Hao fled north to Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang province Muling, he played in a mine, one family changed their name hiding down. These years, Lin Hao daily fear, work hard, dare not let their workers rest, chat with him, he also did not say much, a few words after the interruption to leave, afraid to expose the identity. In 2003, the death of Lin Hao’s wife sudden cerebral hemorrhage, Lin Hao and her two children went to Hulin city of Heilongjiang province. The child will be arranged after he made permanent in a village cadres, do some farm work, eat to live in this house. Years of careful in Lin Hao fled the details of life, and two children maintain a single contact, often change the phone number, when needed.相关的主题文章: