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Central tenth inspection teams to the State Intellectual Property Bureau Special patrol feedback new network – in the center of the tenth inspection teams to the State Intellectual Property Bureau Special patrol situation feedback according to the central leading group for the deployment of patrol, October 13, 2016, the central tenth inspection teams to the State Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter referred to as the intellectual property bureau) party feedback special patrol situation. The central inspection work leading group office responsible comrades conveyed the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping important speech on patrol work to intellectual property bureau Party Secretary Shen Changyu, the central tenth inspection team leader Hu Xinyuan, deputy head of Li Guihua, Zhang Rujie, Wang Dongwei, the feedback of the special patrol situation. After that, Hu Xinyuan on behalf of the central inspection teams to the Intellectual Property Office of Party leadership had feedback, patrol office responsible comrades request for inspection rectification work, Shen Changyu chaired the meeting and made a stand to speak. According to the central unified deployment, from June 30, 2016 to August 30th, the central tenth inspection teams on the intellectual property rights bureau Party conducted a special inspection. The inspection group to seriously implement the central inspection approach, grasp the political stance, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a mirror, with the "Four Consciousness" as a benchmark, to the party disciplines for outstanding rulers, uphold the party’s leadership, focus on comprehensive strictly, fixed on the leadership of Party organizations and leading cadres of the party, deeply to reveal the leadership of the party, Party construction, comprehensive strictly etc. problems, seize the key people, focus on something, a key issue, strictly from the real to carry out supervision and inspection. Through extensive individual conversations, conscientiously handle letters and visits, access to relevant documents, in-depth understanding of the situation, find the problem, forming a deterrent, the successful completion of the inspection task. Central inspection work leading group listened to the inspection teams visited the situation report, and report to the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the central. Hu Xinyuan pointed out that since eighteen Party’s intellectual property rights bureau, consciously keep consistent with the Party Central Committee, earnestly study the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, held a meeting of Party building work, clean government and anti-corruption work and achieved certain results. During the inspection, the inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some of the problems, mainly: the party is not strong enough to play the role of leadership core role is not sufficient to implement the central decision-making arrangements are not in place. The party’s sense of organizational life and dues management is not standardized, grassroots party organizations are weak and lax. Making use of the strict, there are illegal employment, "inbreeding coefficient" and other issues. The full implementation of strict responsibility is not in place, some subordinate units of financial management is not standardized, the existence of illegal part-time reward. The close relationship between some leading cadres and the patent agency, the avoidance system of lax enforcement, "by eating patent patent issues outstanding; violate the provisions of the central eight mental problems have occurred," four winds "banned. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received clues to reflect some of the leading cadres, has been transferred to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the central organization department and other relevant aspects of the relevant provisions. Hu Xinyuan put forward five suggestions. First, strengthen the leadership of the party, resolutely implement the central spirit. Intellectual property office party to seriously learn.相关的主题文章: