CCTV survey the development of online broadcast of yellow and black deformity-pullip

CCTV survey: the development of the network broadcast full of yellow and black screen content survey 1: more than ten years since the invasion of the Internet? In Jiangsu, Nanjing, there is a 21 year old boy, because contact with a new thing and was completely changed life. What is the new thing, there is so much magic? Look at the report. In Jiangsu, Nanjing, a cafe – Police: up! What do you know about it? Up! The young man was taken away from the Internet cafes by the police, Nanjing District, Yuhuatai core area of more than a dozen burglary suspects, only 21 years old this year. Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau police station Tiexinqiao Ma Jie: "from the February and March this year, we found in our area, this happened several cases of burglary suspects, it is through the Fanchuang burglary and enter the door of some rooms, some of the main hotel, into the store, and then through the rummage, theft of cash." Through the retrieval of surveillance video, police found a number of cases, the suspect is the same as. After several months of Mopai visits, and finally locked the suspect ODA, and arrested. And Xiaotian after being arrested, soon confessed the crime and crime motive. Policeman: why burglary? ODA: mainly because, because I met a female anchor on the Internet. Then she paid her brush gift money, no money would think of burglary. According to ODA confessed that he half a year ago from Baoying from Jiangsu came to Nanjing to look for work, did not think the work is not found, but in the Internet bar fans on the network broadcast and the inside of the female anchor. In order to obtain a woman’s attention, ODA began to frequently buy virtual gifts are priced to female anchor. Police: in February this year to send gifts, then you are in touch with how long this kind of live, and then (start to send money to send gifts)? Judge: the end of January. From the beginning, the beginning brush less. ODA account, website set up the value of gifts from tens to thousands of yuan, he started just brush some low value small gifts can not only get the website to female anchor gift rankings, upgrade, also regularly organize anchors PK. The suspect ODA: "two anchor, beautiful anchor, each PK, each PK Yan value and talent, has presided over to speak to allow visitors or shareholders to brush gift, to see who will win the brush." In order to help himself to love the female anchor charts, beat the opponents in the PK race, also in order to meet their swelling vanity, Xiaotian gift to send the bigger. All our savings ran out, has embarked on the theft of the road, and a few months to steal ten thousand yuan of illicit money mostly used to buy virtual gifts, the highest a brush 2400 yuan. ODA: Yes, sent once, too, is all gifts add one-time to 2400 or so, it will float a banner, is watching all the people can see, a certain gift. Policeman: how much did it cost? Just give it all. Judge: add up, from the beginning of January, add up to almost ten thousand, a little more than ten thousand. Coincidentally, in Jiangsu Wujiang, a media company employee Zhou to give his joy.相关的主题文章: