CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party staged in Xi’an on both sides of the three star to speak with the new-shuyue

CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party staged in Xi’an on both sides of the three star with the express reunion feeling – Beijing new network in Xi’an in September 15, (Tian Jinmei long sea the moon, Yb) puket. 15 is China’s Traditional Festival Mid Autumn festival. On the night of 2016, CCTV Mid Autumn Festival staged in Xi’an Datang Furong Park, Miriam Yeung, Chyi Chin, Aska Yang, Sun Nan, Liao Changyong and many other active in Chinese music on both sides of the three stars for the site from the five continents and 5 Chinese families on behalf of the audience portrait presented Art, to speak with the reunion. It is understood that the Mid Autumn Festival to "go home, return, looking back, four back to the aftertaste" as the theme. The text type structure, by order "," the Kaesong welcome "the Changan", the "Silk Road", "revitalizing the end" and "perfect conjugal bliss sea moon" 5 chapters. The picture shows Aska Yang singing "just once". Reporter Zhang Yuanshe reporters on the scene saw that night, party stage with the background of open reel, Xi’an Daming Palace walls and turrets and other elements organically, realizes the platform in the water, the water in the dream effect of Taichung and stage before the lake is dotted with blossoming lotus, the reproduction of "mid autumn Changan month, clear water Furong" landscape paintings show a "invisible beauty of Xi’an". At the party, the 3 home CCTV host Wang Zhou, Shaanxi, Li Xiaodong, and the performance of the program in the name of the "". 2016 CCTV mid autumn evening also invited to many active in the Chinese pop star, Miriam Yeung, Chyi Chin, Lei Jia, Han Lei, Zhang Jiayi, Sun Nan, Aska Yang, Liao Changyong, Tang Dynasty Orchestra and other stars attended. Pictured singing "the moon ship" Yu yueyue. Reporter Zhang Yuanshe actors presented a reunion party through a variety of art forms, Wei Haimin, Hu Wenge performed the opera "pear flower song", the band "the dream of the Tang Dynasty" new old song, singer Liao Changyong and Lv Wei singing together to send you a "Changan". Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping and her husband also appeared at the party, and to the Chinese people to send a holiday blessing, the scene boiling. "I am very happy and happy to watch the Mid Autumn Festival with my family." Watch the show at the scene of the people of Xi’an Li Shengqi told reporters, CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party held in Xi’an, as a person he feels very happy. The party is not only a traditional flavor, but also modern characteristics, I hope there will be more large-scale activities in Shaanxi. (end)相关的主题文章: