CCTV Hometown column into the soup, the Peony Pavilion premiered in Yihuang drop dead diva

CCTV "Hometown" column into the soup, "the Peony Pavilion" premiere in Yihuang "Zen for thousands of years, the landscape show in Yihuang." This year, Yihuang County, relying on the unique cultural resources, to further increase the intensity of tourism resources development, efforts to build cultural tourism brand, and promote the rapid development of characteristic tourism. To create a "landscape of Yihuang", focusing on the beauty of Yihuang County, the United States, the United States, to speed up the construction of scenic spots, will be built in Nanchang, the West Coast Resort, the southern Zen cultural resort of. At present, the high grade is creating Cao Shan Temple, Shi Gong temple, Tan Guan Cultural Park three key scenic spots, and strive in the "13th Five-Year" during all the rating of the national 4A level scenic spots. In Yihuang an exquisite scenery, gathering of talents, Zen culture, Cao Dongzong Zuting Cao Shan Temple at home and abroad for Buddhist worship, flying half of the first temple stone temple Mazu Gong strange dream world. Show "Zen" Shi Gong is the "Hometown" column group second times this year went to Yihuang to interview recording, in July this year, the column group focused on Cao Shan Temple, recorded "Cao Shanying", after the broadcast, a series of pictures showing Yihuang profound ecological beauty of humanity in the scene, WeChat micro-blog etc. a communication platform, attracted the audience have a point like forwarding. In September this year, CCTV old story channel "Hometown" column group, once again into the Tang Weng masterpiece "the Peony Pavilion" Premiere – Yihuang, recorded "Shi Gong Zen" program. Director in the notes in the description, "probably only in this place, people will slowly pure and persistent infection you, let you no longer impetuous and arrogant, confused lose unnecessary, listen to your inner voice, to better feel the spiritual landscape." The show will premiere on November 26th formally, then, please follow the camera, a glimpse of the unique scenery of Yihuang landform in Danxia, looking for a beautiful stone Gong Si fam. For more details, please watch tomorrow CCTV old story channel "Hometown" column broadcast of "Shi Gong Zen"! Broadcast time: Saturday November 26, 2016 03:56   11:56   19:56 07:56   15:56   Sunday November 27, 2016; 23:56; Shi Gong Temple Shi Gong temple is located in Yihuang county two Township two village 2.5 kilometers northwest of. From two to click into place in the mountain pass, like another world. Mountains, streams, delicate rice freely, if Wan picture. The mountain forest cross with gloomy, pale smoke white mist, stone is raised, in which. By looking through the stone, such as the bridge empty frame, more than 10 Zhang; beam is now a large cave, ethereal Ming, such as hanging half a day on the moon. On the second day of the mountains forest crack, dark, with pale white smoke – Margaret, Shi Gong is raised, in which. From the side look, such as bridge Shilianghe across, empty frame, high ten beam is too large cave, ethereal clear, such as Xuan Mingyue for a long time. Gong on rock crack, the natural formation of three fold. On the rocks, 7 feet high, named Gong clip. In a five or six foot high rock too, there is a piece of brick, engrave "Matsu grotto" 4 words, embedded rock. Rock in rock.相关的主题文章: