Buzz 2 Jiangsu tonight war Han Lei shouted Concubine back in

"Buzz 2" Jiangsu tonight "war" Han Lei shouted "Concubine" back – Beijing, Beijing, September 30, tonight, three sets of CCTV 19:30 will usher in a "sting" choking throat slightly second quarter third, five big stars to join the common heritage of intangible cultural heritage in Jiangsu innovative interpretation of art, tenderness and resolute. Fashion and tradition vie for release, breathtakingly beautiful artistic conception. Commentator Cai Guoqing and Li Guyi bicker, humorous. Live show brilliant, audio-visual feast interpretation. Han Lei turned the emperor called concubine Huo statue breakthrough was insufficient to remind the strength to sing Han Lei created a high level of Kunqu opera works, fifth generations of Jiang Ke is "harsh", the creation of Han Lei a "serious" guide, the 90 Jiang Ke had to wipe the tears. In the program, Han Lei will join Jiang Ke singing together "left", opening a "concubine, I and you walk back to a" unique heritage charm, Jiang Ke dressed in feminine dress princess charming, beautiful and touching sound. For the scenes in the Jiang Ke that provoke tears, I do not know Han Lei after the show, how to appease "Concubine" Jiang ke. Fok Chun and Orchestra? The common interpretation of classic pop songs "one thousand years later", it is reported that, in concert hall statue will hold thousands of years of musical improvisation and drums, and the band playing? Will cooperate with the choreography for everyone to bring a wonderland of elegant Jiangnan carefree and content. At the scene, the band to "," to make a moral interpretation. The commentator Li Guyi on the merits of the program to give a reminder of the breakthrough, which will be how to deal with? Sa Dingding and Kun Opera staged "sweetie" Liu Nainai: Today waiting 62 years of this period, Sa Dingding will be dressed in beautiful costumes, and Kun Opera Zhang Jun sang together a song "walk in the flower", sound penetration and Kunqu Opera masters Zhang Jun Sa Dingding ethereal full force will be how to blend? Two people in the impromptu "Peony Pavilion" in the classic plot "five rubbing shoulders", between the eyebrows and how staged "sweetie"? Jin Qiaoqiao will love with 78 year old Haizhou five gongs Liu interpretation of the song "long life". After the show, Jin Qiaoqiao pointed out that Liu Nainai is singing, singing to full blown hungry, for the country to hear Haizhou five modes of music for 62 years, also praised the old artists to art of intangible cultural heritage. The granny Liu exposed Shoutu standard: Yan burst table values, art, and the scene to Cai Guoqing received as a disciple, I do not know whether to get what you want. Huang Ling hand Pingtan heritage Gao Bowen will be staged in the jazz fan "Jasmine", and a new blend of Pingtan and fashion. After the show, Huang Ling interpretation of Pingtan "soft waxy Satay" has been encouraged by the judges, Cai Guoqing questioned the teacher, how to answer? Tonight, three sets of CCTV 19:30 wonderful show will be staged, Wu rhyme tone classic essence, enjoy the unique charm of Jiangsu cultural heritage. 22:30 CCTV broadcast that night, the CCTV drama channel 20:30 replay on Sunday.相关的主题文章: