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"Shaking broken" Nicholas Tse "magic police" on the verge of collapse Sina entertainment news by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Mavis Fan, starring Wilson Yip, [micro-blog] producer, directed by Wu Pinru’s "shaking action crime suspense blockbuster" breaking the upcoming October 21st national release. After Sean Lau "soldiers to the block" trailer, the film side again today released by Nicholas Tse as the main body of the "God" trailer, this time as the Nicholas Tse homicide inspection not only by the serial killer to kill, more experienced peers understand and questioned in the "ghost" suspicions, between both roles the more complex case of suspense. The rhythm of the trailer triggered at any moment contest between good and evil Nicholas Tse in "ghost gate" today the exposure of the compact, interlocking, from collapsing into the street ride from drew each other to melee, xuemaibizhang action super visual effect accumulation too busy to attend to all, expectations for the film. From before the exposure of the plot, starring Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau in the serial killer cloth under the shaking puzzle, relationship between the two in the process of seemingly and has inadvertently changed the tortuous and complicated case, make multi force qingchaoerchu, rattling the good and evil against the horizon, two winner no time will be staged. "God" Trailer opens with "you freeze" warning, homicide inspection Ma Jin (Nicholas Tse ornaments) not only has a gun held hostage, speed kill, explosions crisis in the detection process, encounter more police and partner Jia Wei (Sean Lau ornaments) the car was forced to "ghost" in question, doubt. In the face of psychology professor Sean Lau’s step by step, the spirit of Nicholas Tse drew close to the brink of collapse, angrily, I say again, I am the police". But at the end with "you killed one hundred thousand people, one hundred thousand people" voice over, Nicholas Tse eyes firmly pull the trigger action is full of suspense, tempt the appetite of the audience, the case is complex and immediately anxious suspense. "The most handsome Kitchen God" and then into the gas field full of new action in addition to play, "God" version of the poster released together with the notice, the dark hue convex show solemn atmosphere on the eve of war Su sa. Different from the "Twelve Feng taste" in the gentle and warm heart to show people the image of Nicholas Tse, a tough guy style, a leather eyebrows ruffled, showing strong expression, murderous gun in the hand to do now, a cat mouse war inevitable paradox. The movie poster showing action suspense temperament, with scenes of drama hot exciting notice, will undoubtedly add to the audience for this film the strong expectation. As a showbiz veteran "workaholic", with "Twelve Feng taste" was named "the most handsome Chef" Xie chef, "shaking the broken" again action to challenge the dangerous scene all hanging open, high coefficient of difficulty, staged a thrilling wonderful drama. Crazy car, street melee, gunfire against all personally into battle, the physical challenge the dedication of the performance of different hormones as can be imagined, past. It is worth mentioning that Nicholas Tse had with the film won the Shanghai Film Festival "the most popular Biography)相关的主题文章: