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British media: Hongkong is no longer the mainland’s "shopping paradise" – Beijing, the British "Financial Times" in the September 12th article, the original title: Hongkong is no longer the mainland "stores" jewelry Kingdom (Kingdom Jewellery) Hongkong Tongluowan area luxury store trying to break the silence, which was once the world’s highest rent business district. But even in the store window on the "low-cost kuangshuai" and installment of the logo, consumers are still scanty. Jewelry Kingdom manager Sjak said: since 2013 after the peak of luxury goods consumption in mainland China, our traffic fell by 60-70%. I have no hope for the second half of this year and next year’s traffic." He added that before the mainland anti-corruption and downtown pressure on the economy increase, mainland tourists are willing to buy a single product to spend HK $100 thousand in the jewelry Kingdom (about 86 thousand yuan), and now many customers even unwilling to spend more than 1000 dollars. Like many luxury stores in Hongkong, the shops next to the jewelry Kingdom closed down after decades of prosperity, and luxury stores are losing their place in the mainland market. Compared with the same period in 2015, Hongkong’s retail sales in the first 7 months of this year, a decrease of 10%, of which jewelry and watches retail sales decreased by 22%. In Hongkong last year before the annual show, the United States for the first time in eight years to replace Hongkong, Switzerland watches become the world’s largest market. Hongkong is facing increasingly obvious structural problems in the world of luxury goods, luxury goods market is increasingly dependent on the consumption needs of emerging wealthy mainland. The Swiss bank researchers said, 2015 Chinese consumer purchases accounted for 47% of the Swiss watch brand Swatch, which owns the Cartire brand for the Swiss luxury goods company Richemont group, this number is 38%. The British luxury brand Britannia Elevation CEO Edward (Edward Olver)? Orff said, too many companies find ways to "combine" type of sales in Chinese, now they have to pay the price for this excessive expansion. Market prospect analysis of credit card companies MasterCard director Sara (Sarah Quinlan)? Quinlan said China consumption patterns are changing, people pay more attention to experience and not expensive goods. "Because of the huge change in consumer behavior, we say the traditional luxury purchase (bags and watches) will return to its former glory, remains to be discussed," she added, "there are still a lot of China tourists travel around, but they are in the consumer goods become moderate, in hotels, restaurants and entertainment. Consumption growth." Deng Ruxi, chief executive officer of Samsonite, said, "Hongkong needs a long-term" structural reorganization ", because Hongkong can not just wait for the mainland high consumer demand to rise again". Other companies in Hongkong are also catering to the needs of mainland consumers to adjust the value of the growing demand for trade. Vice chairman of the Hongkong chamber of Commerce, said that before the mainland consumers will be attracted by higher prices of goods, and now they pay more attention to reasonable prices相关的主题文章: