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British media: "the British Motor Company wants to stay in the single European market" – Guizhou Channel – original title: British media British Motor Company: "want to stay in the single European market" according to the Broadcasting British Corporation reported on September 29th, the automotive industry veteran said that once the British left Europe’s single market in Europe off after the success of Britain’s car industry would "damage". British automobile manufacturers and Dealers Association (SMMT) chief executive officer Mike Hoss (Mike Hawes), said in an interview with BBC, in the single market, the industry will be threatened. Mike Hoss accepted BBC business affairs editor Simon Jack (Simon Jack) visit, said the status of a single market in the industry has brought success. The EU is the largest export market for the UK motor industry. According to reports, during the visit, Hoss is attending a show in Paris. He had previously warned that the future development of the industry may be affected. He said: "we don’t see the whole industry and the commercial area of the good news of blind eyes, we are very worried about the future of the automobile industry, if we were not in the single market, its success will damage." Hoss also said that in addition to a single market, the automotive industry will be threatened, because we have the success, as well as its intensity, is based on a single market as a member of the." (Cheng Junqiu) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Gao Hua Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: