Britain admitted to participate in air strikes Syrian army action-synnex

The British recognized the Syrian army action in air strikes on 19 September, Xinhua news agency, London (reporter Liang Xizhi) British Defense Ministry issued a statement 19, confirmed that the British aircraft involved in the United States to combat extremist organization Islamic State League of nations "17 days of air strikes in Syria. The statement said, the British won’t deliberately for the Syria military units (air strikes), Britain will fully cooperate with the investigation of the attack of the international union. Syria news agency quoted 17 Syrian military statement said, the US led international coalition bombing Syria Zelda hill near the airport east Deir ezzor army, causing casualties and destruction of weapons and equipment, this is a flagrant violation of state and army. Russia should ask the United Nations Security Council held closed door consultations on 17. Russian permanent representative Vitaly Churkin said to the media, the International Union of the airstrike killed more than and 60 people and injured hundreds, in violation of the Russia-U.S. days ago in Syria reached a new cease-fire agreement and air does not affect the Syria government commitment. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: