Brazil considers a new way to legalize gambling industry to boost economic growth – Shaanxi channel pullip

Brazil to consider to legalise gambling to stimulate economic growth — Shaanxi channel — original title: Brazil to reconsider gambling legalization in order to spur economic growth according to the U.S. "quartz" website reported on September 6th, Brazil is suffering from the worst economic downturn since the great depression, lawmakers are working on a new way: Gambling tax. Copacabana Palace Hotel is the famous seaside hotel in Brazil now. 1946 gambling Copacabana Palace Hotel every year from the table can earn nearly $one hundred million. Since 1947, the casino was classified as illegal activities, taking into account the problem of money laundering, business game hall in 2007 was written into the black list. In Brazil, horse racing and the purchase of federal lotteries are still legal. Brazil has been in the house and Senate consideration of legalized gambling bill of independence, Brazil’s new president Michel temer? Has expressed support for the legislation. Brazil Tourism Minister Enrique? Alves predicted that gambling legalization will bring up to 20 billion reais ($6 billion 100 million, 41 billion 700 million yuan) of the annual fiscal revenue. British Financial Times reported that according to the Brazil Gaming Association estimates that the Brazilian annual use of illegal gambling money has been quite the same. Gamblers put most of the money in the "Jogo do Bicho", which is a originated hundreds of years before the lottery, also called "animal games". Many people think that the popularity of "Jogo do Bicho" has been high the phenomenon indicates that the gaming industry in Brazil has great potential for development, foreign investors on the Brazil casino and the national sports – football interest. Reported that, in recent years, Brazil’s budget deficit continues to hover around 10% of the country’s GDP, so Brazil wants to profit from tax and global investment in order to fill the Treasury is understandable. But there are concerns that the legalization of gambling will make the Brazil economy has a profound impact on the other problem has become more serious, that is, corruption. (internship compilation: Zhao Mengyao review: Tan Liya) (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: