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The exposure has been finalized inter De Boer double Insider: Blanco is interested in sports has been finalized inter – Sohu exposure to substitute De Boer according to the latest Italy media reported that De Boer led the poor record position was not guaranteed, inter day high-level ago has begun to find a new manager, and a conversation with European Marshal Blanco. As for the Nerazzurri invite, the former Paris Saint Germain coach expressed a strong interest. The Nerazzurri this season’s poor start, the first 12 games De Boer has lost one of the 6 games, the team record is very bad, the Dutch have been in jeopardy in the inter coach. It is said that tomorrow morning’s game against Turin, De Boer will become the last straw, if failed to lead the team to win the game, he will be fired directly. There is news that Suning group and inter board members in the local time this Monday Xuanshuai matters to talk. It is reported that in the Nerazzurri next year may make contact with Simonyi before the members of the board of directors want mandolini to coach the team Ollie or leather. Suning group is more inclined to invite the coach to replace De Boer, the former Paris Saint Germain coach Blanco target. For Inter, Blanco is not strange, in the career, the French had during the period from 1999 to 2001, the effectiveness of blue black legion. It is necessary to point out that Blanco had opened his coaching career after a ball will hold teaching Bordeaux, the French national team and the French giants Paris Saint germain. After this summer from Paris to leave, Blanco still stay at home. "Italy football network" quoted "Parisian newspaper" reported that the inter day before emergency contact Blanco, asked the Frenchman is willing to take over the team, but a person close to Blanco told the media: "he was interested in coaching the invitation." At the same time, "Le Parisien" also said, approached Blanco, Suning group also made a commitment to each other, said it will invest large sums of money in the market for the transfer of French reinforcements. (the green)相关的主题文章: