Big Zhang mother and grandchildren two adorable baby photo exposure photograph (Figure)

S mother Zhang and grandchildren two adorable baby photo exposure photograph (Figure) to the mother and son according to Taiwan media reports, the big S (Barbie Hsu) in May this year, 14 Nissan a son and son Wang Xilin, in addition to the usual high cute, very small nose and blue eyes, so they were laughing handsome as "little Daniel Wu". Wang Xilin now has over 3 months, recently online exposure of a group of big mother Zhang and grandchildren together, in Wang Xilin s visible under the care, become chubby cute, adorable friends. Big Zhang mother and granddaughter Zhang Lan holding grandson and granddaughter Zhang Lan to play the young Zhang Lan visible in the photo dressed with two little play everywhere, Wang Xiyue wearing yellow dresses, mature flavor quite a bit little lady, just over 3 months of Wang Xilin nearly as positive exposure, look very soft, beautiful little nose sign is still quite compelling, although a round lot, still melt many users have shouted: "brother is like a brother," and "Yue son long so big, cute, cute younger brother".相关的主题文章: