Best team core player 7 million kicked into the top 200 million

The best lineup, the core players 7 million kick into the top 200 million goals recently made the first football tour hand in hand, the best lineup announced a series of data to commemorate them and the players through the year. This issue by fish game, tiger joint R & D and fate of the church, to understand Timor and other football giants jointly launched the football product, with less than half the time with its own football user habits and highly accurate grasp, simulation of the real football, football has been internationally popular, even Gao Lin and other professional the players’ enthusiasm. And its series of football games and even sports game craze is becoming a hot topic in the circle.   China’s first online game, the number of participants can bid as Chinese first Mobile Games biggest football tournament platform, by virtue of its high simulation, in the ladder match game player who has become a major feature of the sports industry Mobile Games. According to official reports, so far in the record, the longest ladder match winning streak of 28 Games, is the arrogance of the pack. But in terms of quantity, have more enthusiasm game player is unstoppable, full service game player participated in the 175200 tournament ladder, if playing all games uninterrupted, even if neither eat nor drink nor sleep, it would take 30 years to finish! Hand travel world cup class exists!   playing the game only for the ball, the most popular group of fans saying that the fans love football, in fact, is the love of two organs. One is his own end, and the other is for the game. China’s first hand travel with the largest football tournament, the best lineup has become a natural choice for fans to watch. Service so far away from the game, a total of 35 trillion spectators, watching the number equivalent to more than 4 thousand times the total population of the earth, hand in hand together, do not know how many laps around the earth.   celebrity attachment does not work, Chinese won various active games and even retired players may have reincarnated team play football game is always war Qin Qiong Guan point. In the "best team" in nature is no exception, but the data even if the estimated deity seeing will cover the face helplessly. In the issue of nearly a year, a total of 3028W football hit the bar, while the yellow card is issued 1000W, but fortunately, the corresponding performance is also very good, not only the world wave number reached 56 million 120 thousand, there are 3000 China dragon team won the World Cup Challenge, visible in China Human obsession is really strong.   coffee to stomach bleeding, Mei Luo defeated God in other aspects of diving, game player who is also created many legends. As a means of physical recovery, players have to drink 9 million 280 thousand cups of coffee so far, enough for a meal of can not be separated from the female white-collar drink Starbucks stomach bleeding. Compared to the huge data of drinking coffee, the number of game player fired coach is pale into insignificance by comparison. Although it is small, but 100 thousand times sacked, if there is a breach to high to the sky! As for Messi and C, who is also a stronger dispute in the best lineup has been finalized. The number of players using C Ronaldo scored 400 thousand, while the number of players using Messi scored as high as 1 million! So it seems, record breaking machine and a new record.相关的主题文章: