Beijing – VIDEO – to admit William Chan said Hu Ge will fall in love with partial literary embarrass-misao

Beijing – VIDEO – s exposes in love with William Chan said Hu Ge would be embarrassed to admit the partial s in love with William Chan Hu Ge called partial literary embarrassing the afternoon of September 3rd, the small S (Xu Xidi) to attend an event in Beijing, in an interview with the media, the small s fell in love with a new man of God — William Chan admit, she took Hu Ge said Hu Ge compared partial arts, together will be embarrassed. On the same day, the British baby brand Joie Jo Yi held the theme of "freaky adorable treasure back to back, there is a degree of love party consumer activities, as the voice of the small s debut with a sexy dress shine, charm and three super popular freaky freaky live competition, and to teach the audience related knowledge of children safety. After the meeting, s media interview, she exposes fell in love with a new man of God — William Chan, asked to choose between Hu Ge and William Chan, said Hu Ge is a bit small art, together will be awkward, so choose single William Chan. S earlier: Recently I fell in love with a man of God, "William Chan" the old nine door. What if Hu Ge William Chan, Nicky Wu, issued an invitation to you what would you do? Oh, good! William Chan, because he’s still single. Hu Ge is a little biased for the young and the young, and I’m afraid we might be a little embarrassed when we get along. Nicky Wu is married. It’s a little too much to go out with him. William Chan was single, I solemnly declare to join his club. In addition, Joie general manager Cheng Yi Qiao son Han also announced the site more than 400 sets of Joie series products should be donated to the fund Jo Chinese women development, and will be auctioned over the years in the activities of the spokesperson s clothes, the auction proceeds will be donated to the charity fund. Wang Tao Beijing reported相关的主题文章: