Beijing – VIDEO – snow effect Nanjing to Xi’an as part of the train temporary

Beijing – VIDEO – snow effect Nanjing to Xi’an as part of the train temporary outage [comment] due North days of rain and snow weather, November 23rd, NanJing Railway Station announcement: Nanjing to Xi’an and other parts of the temporary passenger train outage, outage train covers high trains and ordinary trains, railway authorities said, will for change, refund for passengers in the first time. At 4 o’clock that afternoon, the reporter drove to the NanJing Railway Station and NanJing Railway Station high-speed, see in the ticket hall, the people waiting to buy tickets are not many, some in the process of change, refund, and others in the vending machine before and know the latest travel information. In the train station square, although the outdoor floating snow, but did not stop the love "beat" one of the pictures in the snow impulse. Hou Tao said passengers had to play in the northwest, as the days of rain and snow, he had to change their travel plans. [the same period] (passenger Hou Tao) after all, snow, I feel very special people, as well as this harsh environment, feeling a little inconvenient. [comment] in the face of a sudden snow, passengers said although to travel inconvenience, but the mood is not too bad. The same period [] (passenger Jiang Leilei) looking at the snow, the mood is very good, although the trip is not convenient, but it is still good mood. [comment] the NanJing Railway Station said to hold outage trips of passengers, the station will also increase service efforts, apply for refund for passengers, always on the move. The same period [] (NanJing Railway Station duty station Yu Hua) by the rain and snow weather, at present, the NanJing Railway Station has some train delays, now received notice of tomorrow’s No. 24 Shanghai Taiyuan there is a train outage, 371 times and 372 times of train, the NanJing South Railway Station is also a train department, a total of 15 trains outage. Please hold the outage passenger ticket, can go to the station window for a refund formalities within 30 days at the specified date, the Internet booking passengers, if received SMS notification, also can be a full refund in 12306 on the internet. Reporter Ge Yong Jiangsu, Nanjing reports相关的主题文章: