Beijing – VIDEO – Nanjing trapped most of the community 3 months elevator trapped people from the re-minmi

Beijing – VIDEO – Nanjing "most people trapped" area: 3 months elevator 36 helpless people climb [comment] recently, the Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau released the October official micro-blog elevator fault data, Jiangning Qinhuai district water trapped on the 6, once again trapped people fault for high output the list, since a quarter of the number of trapped people have been as high as 36, called Nanjing "most people trapped" area. Reporters in the district’s 15 buildings noted that due to the elevator is often bad or even sleepy, someone posted a pass in the mouth of the stairs, so that people stay here in the road to go upstairs. The same period [] (district residents Sheng Fang) I (Live) 14 floor, I climbed, climbed 3 times this year, climbing a 3 floor to rest time, climbing a 3 floor to rest now, is this break 3 times, 3 times to break the 14 floor to me. The same period [] (district residents Ren Chunxia) my wife told me, you pay attention to the baby, you don’t go, take this (elevator) if you cannot go out there, I wouldn’t call, I can’t read, you know, it is the old bad, bad every two or three days. [comment] elevator fault high, let residents miserable, whether it is caused by quality problems, incomplete procedures and other reasons, the staff of the Nanjing Jiangning Market Supervision Bureau said that the relevant legal requirements of elevator special equipment he is satisfied, the elevator is after a long time the failure rate is relatively high. The same period [] (the staff of Nanjing Jiangning Market Supervision Bureau Zhu Yonglin) 75 elevator District, is still in the testing period, it is to conduct well, residential property is to use the elevator unit, his side personnel documented there, the related management system has, with maintenance units also have a contract, there are also regular maintenance unit qualification maintenance, the basic requirements of the law he was satisfied, he is here in the elevator failure rate is relatively high. [comment] property company staff told reporters that the elevator can repair aging, but the production area for elevator manufacturers have been closed, the types of accessories have to purchase, so only to find common parts continue to try, even change the line. [the same period] (property company staff Yao Minghui) other faults are aging is often generated by these failures. But when the fault occurs, we are in the first time on the maintenance. Maintenance of this piece of what is the problem, the owners feel that the maintenance rate is very slow because it is part of the elevator is less than the procurement, the original factory has closed. [comment] it is understood that, recently, the residential property company will apply to the relevant departments to enable public maintenance payments for the high incidence of failure, serious people trapped 4 elevator overhaul, to the owners of a safe living environment. Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu Nanjing相关的主题文章: