Beijing today or before the end of the storm is expected to plug the evening peak blocking

Beijing today or before the storm blocking block is expected to peak late for 6 hours in Beijing on 14 September, (reporter Zhang Ni) today is the last working day before a small holiday Mid Autumn Festival, prediction of the traffic control department of Beijing City, by the superposition of multiple factors, Beijing today will usher in the day before blocking, traffic index or over 8.8, the evening peak congestion time may last for 6 hours. At the same time, the subway, bus and other departments were introduced security programs, linkage to deal with possible storm blocking situation. 13 evening peak hours, the North Sanhuan vehicle queues. In new network reporter Zhang Ni photo Beijing welcomed today before the most blocking day evening peak congestion or up to 6 hours by the school, the two approaches, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission predicted that September will be the year of traffic jam in Beijing City concentrated period. Among them, September 13th, 14, 18, 29, and 30, the peak traffic index will reach the level of more than 8 serious congestion. 13, 14 PM, Beijing city’s road network congestion has emerged, reaching the mild congestion level, 17:30, network traffic index soared to 8, to reach severe congestion levels. 13 evening peak hours, Washington reporter came to the most serious road congestion of the North Third Ring Road, the main road and found double direction roads traffic has serious queuing phenomenon, popular car drove slowly, four bridge, Lenovo bridge and other locations, intersection are congested. From the city’s road network to see around 21:30 to restore basic smooth. According to media reports, according to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau forecast earlier, on the afternoon of 14 evening peak will advance from the entire network situation, 14 to 20 more congestion, reached the peak at 17 PM to 18 PM, the traffic is expected to reach more than 8.8 index, severe congestion level, the 14 day of the evening peak may become the most blocking September evening peak. The focus of the business district and restaurants surrounding the vehicle travel is more concentrated, Rudong, Xizhimen, CBD, gate of Financial Street and Zhongguancun and other regions; loop to the East and the West Second Ring Road North to south, East and West Sanhuan north to south direction, North Sanhuan, North Fourth Ring Road West to east direction congestion outstanding. Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission suggested that the public to avoid the above road, in addition to the West Street, Xueyuan Road, Chaoyang Road, North and other contact lines will also appear in the direction of the car more. High speed car will be the peak flow of Chengde or continuous block 9 hours according to the traffic department predicted that the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the highway is not free traffic, so traffic peak will appear in the last working day before the holiday. The day before the holiday and the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day the Beijing section of the highway network will continue to appear in the direction of beijing. According to media reports, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission road political forecast, 14, is expected to more than 2 million 200 thousand vehicles will be on the highway, an increase of 7%, but slightly lower than the 2016 May Day holiday peak value. 14, most likely to include high-speed road congestion Jingkaigaosu (dual source bridge to three financial toll station) high-speed airport (airport, high-speed entrance to the north bank bridge) etc.. The driver is the need to avoid the Chengde (Taiyanggong bridge to the yellow port, the road is expected to 6 plot)相关的主题文章: